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  • looks good- all my friends a jealous:-)
  • very comfortable for the Baby
  • super good quality
  • big basket for shopping
  • it has a good height (I don’t like it when the bassinet is low, like the bugaboo Cameleon)
  • it has a bag for the rain cover in the sun canopy, so you always have it with you and don’t have to think about it
  • perfect for every underground
  • you can use it very long, as it has a huge reversible seat
  • very heavy
  • you need both hands to drive it, as the wheels do not swivel (the are strollers you can steer with one finger, they say)
  • needs a lot of space

I adore my Hesba Condor Coupé! I always wanted to drive it in dark blue with blue and white inside, no matter what sex the baby will be - so we bought it when I was just 4 month pregnant.

We got it second hand, still quite expensive, but I think it’s worth the money. You can sell it at a good price again and you can see in every detail that it’s built to last! I think it’s the most comfortable way a baby can be driven around - I would compare it to a Mercedes S-Class :-)

We live in the city, so I can walk nearly everywhere or I drive by bus. That’s the way you can use the Hesba perfectly. I can’t fit it in the car (Fiat 500) and I wouldn’t do it with a bigger car, as it is really heavy. For that, I just ordered a smaller stroller which is easier to handle.

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