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LeeBa says:
"You get what you pay for"
and gives the Hauck Swift Plus

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You get what you pay for

  • Cheap
  • One handed fold
  • Great rain plastic
  • Bumpy push
  • Low seat
  • Difficult to push with one hand

I originally purchased this stroller because that was what suited my budget. However, you get what you pay for!

For such a cheap buggy, the Swift does have lots of good points. The seat lies flat making it suitable for newborns. It folds really easily with one hand. It is lightweight. However, the buggy does not push smoothly at all, possibly due to its small wheels. For a lightweight young child it is probably okay but the heavier (and older) the child, the harder it is to push. Also it is very small and has a low handlebar which makes it look a bit like a doll`s buggy...

For the price I paid I have no complaints, I would just say you get what you pay for.

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