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emilyrose says:
"Left wheel is wobbling and bending & the handle is very loose if it’s at its highest point"
and gives the Hauck Saturn R

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  • Faces both ways
  • Looks cheap and tacky for the price
  • The padded seat shows every single mark even a drop of water
  • I was told Hauck was a good brand and this is the first Hauck product I have purchased and I can truthfully say I will never be buying a Hauck product again, absolutely shocking build and the seat looks scabby and cheap as it’s just popped on instead of done nice and neatly with pride like other brands
  • Awful product for such a popular worldwide company, do not purchase the Hauck Saturn R

Only purchased the pram 3 weeks ago, left wheel is already wobbling and bending, nothing to do with the weight as my little boy is only 10 months and is still small. The handle is very loose if it’s at its highest point, when going down a hill it feels as if the handle is going to come off of the pram.

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