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I haven't found any major fault with it

  • No punctures
  • Incredibly easy to operate with one hand
  • Stability
  • Aluminum construction
  • Shock absorbers on the wheels - switching between sporty riding and rocking
  • Flipping handle
  • Seat unit - faces both sides!
  • Quick folding + safety lock
  • Adjustable handle
  • Small basket
  • Higher Weight
  • Robustness, bulkiness

It is absolutely perfect! It is sturdy, but that's the price to pay for stability, and who claims the opposite did not hold the real deal.

The only downside is the small basket, but I didn't go on big shopping trips with the stroller.

It is incredibly easy to handle, one hand down from the bus or curb, which you will appreciate when holding an umbrella or cell phone. It's soft, springs and rocks too. You can choose whether it swings or is more stiff,you can flip the handle, and most importantly you choose whether the baby faces towards you or out. You will never get a puncture and yet it is soft because it has shock absorbers! Aluminum construction, not the usual plastic. Very large seat, little one slept in it up to his 3 years. The seat is really sophisticated.

I do recommend it and would buy it again, I haven't found any major fault with it!

  • Wheels
  • Components
  • UV protection
  • Quality fabric
  • Nice combinations
  • Design - look is weaker

Great. I also had a mosquito net, coconut mattress, wheel covers inside and a sun visor. Maximum satisfaction - the best stroller both for the city and for the terrain.

  • Durable cushioning wheels
  • Handle can be reversed to either side
  • Positioning of the backrest and legs separately
  • Spacious for baby
  • Large shopping basket
  • High weight

For me a great stroller - "a tank", which has no problem to go through any terrain. High quality, powerful. Reversible sports part, but also the handle itself can be rotated. Beautifully cushioning.

  • Light
  • Easy fold
  • Tackles any terrain

A great stroller. Lightweight, we ride it in the woods and meadows and it handled everything without problems. It even managed to cross the ski slope in winter.

The best wheels I've ever seen on a pram

  • for any terrain (snow, ice, frozen mud, dirt roads…)
  • front wheels can be swapped for a fixed-wheel axle for really harsh terrain
  • stable
  • great suspension
  • reversible handlebar
  • not only hard-based but also soft insert carrycot that's more compact
  • insert carrycot can be converted into a backpack
  • a lot of room for your feet, no kicking the axle
  • handbrake
  • bulky
  • heavy
  • the hood doesn't provide that much sun protection
  • I can't say the design is the best (from the point of view of how it looks)

The best wheels I've ever seen on a pram. It can go over everything quite comfortably and is excellently sprung - the child is not knocked around in the bassinet nor the seat unit. It doesn't tip over, it doesn't rattle anywhere nor squeaks... it's a keeper.

The price to pay for those features is its weight. Hartan could also work on the design/looks a bit more, to be honest. it's not a head-turner by far. Still, I like it a lot. All the prams I've owned so far were plastic rattles next to this one. My daughter (a year and a half) also likes it, it is spacious and when she's tired, she goes and points at our Hartan, she doesn't want to go to sleep in her lightweight Nuna buggy.

  • sturdy frame
  • pretty, sporty design
  • the fabrics faded ver quickly, even if they guaranteed quality German textiles 😕
  • no way of washing the hood fabric
  • expensive

I bought it new when having my son. It was pretty at first, but the fabric faded quickly, which disappointed me. A very expensive pram and still with such errors...

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