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Fits children and shopping

  • easy steering
  • one-hand folding
  • weight

Excellent sibling stroller for children with a difference of 1.5 years. Fits children and shopping. It was great to carry in our small Renault Clio.

I had to get used to it, it is heavy and harder to handle when transitioning from a normal stroller. But once you get used to it and get the hang of it, it's awesome. If you take out your toddler and it's just a baby in the back, it's also very light, easy to use with one hand. You can fit even a larger baby in the insert soft cot, but I had to take out the board, put it underneath, put the mattress on top of that, and then the insert bag - to keep the baby cozy. I didn't even use an extra swaddle for the winter, just the baby in a onesie and a warm blanket. The insert bag is warm on its own and I still had the apron on top of it.

It folds up very easily and quickly, in one motion, and I had no problem putting it in the trunk of the car myself - just had to take out the insert cot. The stuff in the basket (unless it's extremely full) doesn't need to be taken out. I put the Maxi-Cosi car seat on top of the stroller on the way to the car and it stayed in there nicely. I often hung the toddler's running bike on the handlebars.

My kids are 20 months apart. The front seat can only recline slightly, but the child can fall asleep there in an emergency.

Especially practical for winter

  • good manoeuvring
  • practical
  • foldable

Awesome when you have two kids in a row. Especially practical for winter.

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