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Chaity says:
"It felt like it was pushing itself"
and gives the Gesslein Smiloo Happy

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It felt like it was pushing itself

  • Very easy to push on rough terrains even with one hand.
  • Good quality materials used.
  • The seat is spacious enough for a bigger child.
  • Not very heavyweight
  • Spacious basket
  • Not great in terms of suspension. Have to put pressure to get on curbs.
  • Shaking and jerking on cobblestones but not noisy.

This is a good, budget-friendly stroller. The best thing about this stroller is its maneuverability on rough terrains. It felt like it was pushing itself. We did not have to put extra effort or strength to push the stroller even with a 20-month toddler sitting on it.

It has a decent suspension(not that great) and is a little bit jerky on cobblestones but not that noisy. It does not have a smooth transition on curbs, but a little bit of pressure helps.

Another good thing is that the cloth material is quite good in quality than its peers from the same price range. It looks elegant because of this.

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