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"It surpassed my expectations"
and gives the Euro-Cart Spin

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It surpassed my expectations

  • A beautiful design, clean lines, narrow frame (some pushchairs I see out there look like a tractor)
  • Ultra lightweight and compact, suitable as cabin luggage
  • A wide array of accessories (raincoat, apron, cup holder, travel bag)
  • Ok basket
  • Quite a large peek a boo window in the canopy
  • Magnetic viewing window that doesn't wake a napping child
  • The belly bar can be detached, ie. for winter when you put the footmuff in
  • A quiet ride and a soft suspension, smaller wheels make for a ride similar to a scooter
  • Easy one-hand driving
  • The name Spin makes sense as it turns quickly and the maneuvering is superb
  • Nice center of gravity uphill as well as downhill, no rattling
  • Price/design/quality is great, I was asked if it was expensive (it wasn't), mums said they saw a similar one for 4 times more...
  • The fabrics are not waterproof, they will soak through, and the stroller will even get wet with the rain cover
  • The apron gets creased and deformed when the child kicks it and also doesn't work with the leg rest lifted up - the feet will protrude through it. Even with the leg rest put down, it looks ok but is still not comfy much (I am stating this with a 75cm child)
  • The main disadvantage is the slated seat that is not upright, making the child slide down - a non-slip seat liner helps but doesn't make the problem go away completely

A very nice urban buggy with a beautiful design, so many mums went to check it out and ask what is the brand and model name, they liked it so much. I used it as an ONLY stroller after a pram.

We live in an apartment building in the capital, on a higher ground floor, we have to get over 12 steps to get into the building than 8 more to the apartment. So I needed to be careful and pick a low-weight stroller.

We used the Anex the first year of my son, we liked all about it except for the weight I couldn't handle anymore. The priority was, therefore, a super light model that folds small and one-handedly.

The first month I grabbed my son into my arm and folded the stroller with the other, carrying them both inside. Then I decided that lifting the whole buggy with the child is easier as it weights only 6 kg, it is doable...

I was warned about the 12cm wheels being too small for everyday use. But it's ok for us, the shock absorbers help a smooth ride even on our bumpy pavements. A quiet, non-rattly ride even ith those small wheels.

The wheels are maintenance-free, with no stones inside yet. They tackled even grass and a dirt road, even cobblestones were ok (just a bit of vibration, which is fine with those scooter-like wheels). Just gravel is too much for them.

Easy driving with one hand, easy lifting up a curb. The basket is smaller but ok. It is not made for a month worth of shopping, they had to save space somewhere. I like the canopy pocket, too, even though after I got an organizer on the handle, I didn't use it anymore. There's quite a few accessories included with the stroller. And the backrest adjustment with a strap is easy enough.

Now, negatives: the canopy is on the shorter side, we had it made longer at a tailor. Also, it is not waterproof, so we had to have the rain cover with us when the weather wasn't perfect just to be sure. Also, the basket fabric soaked through when it was raining.

The foot cover is nice - pretty, isolated, but it doesn't fit well unless the buggy is empty. It still serves you well when put on. I had an isolated blanket made so that the child was well protected.

And, also, the seat doesn't sit upright, it is perhaps 60-70° angle), making the child slide down. I had a non-slip seat liner made which helped a bit.

The lie-flat is a true lie-flat position, just my son didn't nap in his stroller, so we didn't use that feature.

Overall, it surpassed my expectations. Affordable, and I invested a bit more, getting all it lacked, making it perfect for us. I needed a compact, light, cabin luggage-sized stroller (we park it in our small flat in the nursery, it is 25 cm wide when folded), and I wanted a one-hand fold. All that, it has, while the driving is good as well. Super easy also to use in public transport, even with the child inside. All the negatives are just a price to pay for all that good stuff and can be remedied with a bit of creativity and a tailor.

I don't rate it with full scores because of the slanted seat making my son slide down, as some children don't like this much. My little one was quite fine even so.

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