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A disappointment for us

  • Looks - I think it's fabulous
  • Many accessories included in the price (footmuff for every seat/carrycot, bug net, cup holder,etc.)
  • Big, closeable bag -it was great, we loved it
  • Big canopy
  • It was relatively good for terrain
  • The carry cot is big
  • The chassis is really lose
  • Hard to navigate
  • Too big to fit into the car/go to a smaller shop and navigate in the rows
  • The fabric of the safety belt is really cheap fabric and it is really hard to adjust
  • The wheel had a puncture:(
  • Really heavy
  • As a smaller mom, it felt too big

Unfortunately, the Delta was a disappointment for us. Although it has many great qualities, we decided to change it to something much better, because there was too much fuss in the everyday walks with it. :(

We had al lot of problems

  • Large carrycot
  • Looks
  • Changing bag to with a shoulder strap
  • Cup holder included
  • The front wheels swiveling is not smooth
  • Weight
  • Basket touches the front wheels

We got this pram because we liked its looks. We have it for three months already, and we have to report a warranty claim.

The basket underneath is badly designed - anything you put in it will make the basket scratch over the front wheels (it doesn't even need to be full). Even an empty basket is a bit in the way when you turn. The rain cover is kind of small - it doesn't cover the whole pram. Even when not locked, the front wheels swivel rather harshly - not smoothly, so you have to work for it when you turn.

The pram is heavy, so if you drive on uneven terrain a lot, you come home tired (the front harsh swiveling makes this even harder). It doesn't drive completely straight, to add to it - it turns slightly, but that could be badly inflated wheels. And one swivel lock did not hold well - it fell down sometimes. I am curious what the warranty repair will do 🤷🏻‍♀️

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