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  • Great one-handed driving
  • Super foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Modern, nice design
  • Wheels can get noisy on bumpy roads

Very lightweight, great handling, super compact stroller that can be taken as hand luggage on the plane. The seat and backrest are very comfortable. Great for the city, where it can be easily handled with one hand - can handle normal park terrain, grass, etc. For me, a superb alternative to umbrella buggies.

My only criticisms would be the noisy wheels on uneven ground and the non-adjustable handle, but for me at the perfect height (I'm 170cm). Oh and I don't love the strap back positioning in general, otherwise satisfaction.

  • large canopy
  • padded seat
  • roomy enough
  • very light and compact
  • good to push
  • thin canopy
  • I’d want it to be sturdier

Could be a bit sturdier & we mind the foam handle bar. But the seat is super padded and roomy enough. Loving the canopy size just the canopy itself is thin imho.

  • compact size
  • suspension
  • padding
  • ventilation
  • sun coverage
  • travel system compatible
  • thin, wobbly canopy
  • noisy wheels
  • short laying surface (84 cm)
  • foam handle
  • small basket

I love how the canopy is high-positioned so the buggy, even if narrow (as these types usually are), can fit a larger toddler, no problem. I do not like the canopy itself, I mean - the coverage is good, the shape is funky (I don't mind much), but the canopy itself is very thin and wobbly, so it moves - and so much more it moves with stronger wind.

The suspension is very nice, but the wheels do get noisy on cobblestones. I also like the padding and the lie-flat seat.

It's too easy to tip backward

  • padding
  • seatback
  • safety

It's beautifully padded and with a nice seat back, but we had to return it. It's too easy to tip backward, so I was afraid to use it with my son - not even talking about a nappy bag on the handle.

The wheels are not the quietest

  • easy to open and close
  • comfortable
  • noisy wheels

Easy opening and closing, and comfortable for even a napping little one. The wheels are not the quietest, however.

  • high-quality
  • quick-folding
  • handy and agile
  • comfortable for the child
  • too low a handle (I am 174 cm tall)

It is very comfortable and feels high-quality. I wish it had an adjustable handle since it felt too low for me, and I am 174 cm tall.

  • handy
  • broken brake
  • warranty problems

It might have been nice, but the brake got broken. Even with the warranty in place, we couldn't get the retailer to repair it, they asked for additional charges. The buggy seems promising, but it's, unfortunately, damaged.

Fits even the smallest car boot

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Not the best for winter

A true ultra-compact pushchair - it fits even the smallest car boot. Recommended.

  • price
  • style
  • soft seat
  • summer-ready
  • ultra compact
  • higher seatback, compared to Yoyo
  • funny-shaped (but rather well-protective) hood
  • no adjusting the handle

I also owned a Babyzen Yoyo, and this is half its price - but just as good! Very happy, highly recommend the Metro.

Not worth the money

  • looks nice
  • weird canopy shape - and the canopy feels too thin
  • not too much space for larger hands pushing the buggy

It's not worth the money. The wheels rattle on any uneven surface. I especially don't like the thin fabric on the canopy.

  • adjustable leg rest
  • adjustable backrest - lie-flat position
  • long seat unit surface
  • 5-point harness, each side can be fastened separately
  • rain cover is included
  • compact
  • newborn kit or car seat adapters can be purchased
  • canopy protects only from the sun as it is made from lycra
  • carry bag needs to be purchased separately (30 EUR)

The stroller is really great. I was planning to buy a Babyzen Yoyo, but it doesn't lie completely flat, and the backrest is much shorter. Pricewise, both strollers have a similar price, or the Metro is cheaper if you manage to get a discount (I bought it in 01/2020 and paid 270 EUR). The Ergobaby also has an adjustable leg rest, which is a big plus for me.

The main reason why I purchased this stroller is that we travel a lot by car and train. It is perfect for this purpose - it can be folded with one hand, unfolded with one move. We are planning to take it with us when we go for a holiday by plane - so let's see how it will go there.

My daughter enjoys riding in the Metro, she is 1.5 years old but wearing clothes size for 2-3 years 😃. Despite this, she has plenty of room there, and the shoulder straps are adjusted to be in the middle height position (out of 3 offered). If I had this stroller sooner, I would stick with it (even though our Armadillo Flip XT is the best during the winter season).

The shopping basket under the seat is perfect. Even though the stroller is compact, the basket fits a lot of stuff and is designed to be accessible from both sides - even when the baby is sleeping. At the back of the backrest, you can find a small pocket, the nicely hidden straps, and a cover for the space behind the head when the baby's napping and you don't want to have only a mesh there. The break is simple and easy to put up/down.

I own it for circa 3 months, but I only used it a few times. It doesn't rattle - well, on a harsh terrain a bit, but much less than for ex. an Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller. The folding and unfolding of it are very simple - after a few tries, it gets natural and is truly one-handed.

The seat is softly padded - my 1.5yo daughter puts it in our living room in front of the tv to watch cartoons in it. Even my 3.5yo son likes to ride in it occasionally when he doesn't want to walk anymore. I bought an extra handlebar cover - it was foam covered, which I don't like.

It is better than I thought


It survived the first "holiday" with us and is better than I thought. The baby sleeps comfortably in it and enjoys the ride as she has a good view. It also seems sturdy and managing even a bit uneven terrain. And suddenly, we have a lot of space in the trunk of the car!

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