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veronica says:
"My husband is loving of the wheels incredibly"
and gives the El-Jot Severine

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  • Bassinet size
  • Wheel size and type
  • Canopy - opens perfectly to almost 2/3 of the seat
  • Metal shopping basket
  • It's really big
  • Won't fit in a smaller car
  • A little more difficult to fold and put the bassinet in - I haven't dared to do it myself yet

The perfect stroller for winter. We live in a town under the mountains so I was looking for something that would go through snow and sleet. And this one we already tested, and it is perfect. Don't look for compactness or low weight in it. Although the frame, without any problems, I can load myself unfolded into the VW Sharan.

My husband is loving of the wheels incredibly. For us, the best choice we made. I'm 5'6" and the stroller is not at all tall for me, with 14' wheels, as I was always told it would be ;) Go for it.

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