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  • Lovely colour
  • Great for tricky terrain
  • Took some time to work out how to use all the different buttons and settings

Brilliant, stylish pram. Wheels cope very well in the countryside, including long grass.

  • Looks OK
  • Adjustable head position (for newborns)
  • Front (steering) wheels are squeaky and rattling on even rather smooth surfaces which is unacceptable

Good-looking but Easywalker Rudey has crappy front (steering) wheels which ruin it completely for us.

Really roomy


Really roomy. Nice large wheels. Folds with the seat. Awesome basket.

  • price is good for the value offered
  • roomy seat as well as bassinet
  • great accessories, I love the LED light and of course my son does the steering wheel (he's driving the stroller)
  • steering wheel accessory is squeaking loudly :-D

A sturdy model for all kinds of terrain. Better for tall parents, even if the seat/bassinet sit not-so-high on the frame. Recommended to last the whole stroller-needing time.

A four-year-old fit inside

  • spacious seat
  • large basket
  • hood coverage
  • large wheels
  • handle not the best for very short moms
  • mest on the extending panel of the hood
  • not the lightest

Quite compact for the full size and the spacious - reversible - seat unit. A four-year-old fit inside even! Large basket, hood nicer even than in the photographs, and a very tall handle to go with it. We liked it, and can recommend it!

I returned it. The front wheels rattled, idk why, maybe a faulty piece.

Very sturdy - I could even run with it

  • sturdy
  • reliable
  • turning/lifting could be more agile (you need two hands)
  • bumper bar should open more/easier

Very sturdy - I could even run with it, no tipping to the sides. Problems with quick turning and lifting to get up curbs. I would also make the gate-opening on the bumper bar open even more - it had to be partially opened then folded down, and if not done properly, a child might be able to hand on it a break it. Overall, a very solid, quality pram.

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