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  • High backrest, older children can be transported with the canopy open
  • Full recline
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Easy handling
  • Fits everywhere
  • Option to have your child facing you
  • Large enough basket
  • High quality quiet wheels
  • Shorter canopy (it can be extended, but not enough for fully flattposition coverage, I didn't mind it)

Excellent stroller, I liked it very much. It is easy to control, it is easy to recline, the baby can ride in the parent-facing direction.

The wheels are good quality - the fact that it sounds like it's going to fall apart is not true at all. What stroller on a broken road can not be heard?? The canopy can be extended, this is enough for about half lying down - but for the full recline, I had a shade that I just attached to the pram when the baby was sleeping and it was fitted.

Another plus is that it can be put fully flat and fits a tall child. My 2 year old still has room to spare, so I'm fine pulling the canopy up when she's sitting :) The handle can be detached, the legs can be positioned...

Easy to fold, it's handy especially when travelling, you can fit it everywhere, even in narrow aisles of shops. The design is great, it's not a stroller that every other mom in town has.

  • Wheel suspension
  • Wheels that easily pass through snow
  • Long seat unit
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Reversible
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Shopping basket
  • Short-ish hood (but it did not bother me)

An excellent pram for the city as well as uneven terrain. It has so many great features that the short hood did not bother me when purchasing it.

  • easy manipulation
  • compact size for the car trunk
  • great for traveling
  • short canopy

This stroller is perfect. Easy to push, no rattling, lightweight, very easy to fold...The only drawback is the canopy - it is short when the baby sleeps (in the reclined position). However, this can be fixed by clips and some light fabric (if necessary). We were not using it for a long naps anyway, so the shorter canopy was not a big issue for us. If my son fell asleep, I did not put the backrest entirely down, so the canopy was sufficient.

When purchasing a stroller, it is essential to consider what kind of baby you have and how you will use the stroller - if for sleeping, or just walks...

  • Long seat
  • Reversible
  • Wheels' material - stones don't get stuck inside
  • A short and small hood
  • 'Hard' ride
  • Low positioned seat unit
  • Rattling rear wheels
  • High position of the brake
  • Difficulty with accessing the shopping basket
  • Noisy clicking button used for adjusting the handle

I had the stroller for less than a week, and I sold it 😅 It was a blind buy for me - I didn't try it out first in some shop, and that was a mistake. I wouldn't want it even for free.

It had a very small and short hood - when the seat was fully reclined, it was at a 90 degree angle and, therefore, the child didn't have any privacy when sleeping - everyone could see him. Also, no protection from the wind and sun... The only solution was to buy an extra sun visor... Opening/closing of the hood was quite difficult and noisy (the joint was noisy).

Even though the stroller had suspension on the rear wheels, it was very hard... The rear wheels were rattling on a harsher terrain 🙈 I thought that it would break down any minute, and I was actually ashamed to use it. The front wheels were ok, silent.

Another thing I did not like was that after folding, it was not self-standing (such as the Cybex Balios S). It was not even able to lean on the wall as it kept falling.

The access to a shopping basket was horrible, and also, the brake was quite high (I am 170 cm, so for shorter mommies, this might be an issue).

My conclusion - I am not surprised that this stroller is no longer produced and the shops are only selling the leftovers...

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