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  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Nice to maneuver
  • A good mid-way in the size and spaciousness ratio
  • Price
  • Sibling option by adding an axle
  • Not for off-road moms (forest dirt roads, broken roads) - can handle gravel and sand, but no extreme potholes
  • The pushchair has a bucket seat

Since I work in a stroller dealership, this was love at first sight. Well, once I got pregnant, it was an obvious choice :) I live in the city, so I prefer the compactness and lightness rather than a stroller for off-road. It has a beautiful design and my little one loves being in it. This stroller is primarily for moms who are looking for a lightweight, foldable stroller that is very easy to use - and that's exactly me. I can't wait until we grow into the seat and can go on trips!

The perfect stroller. We went to all the shops in our city and tried all the strollers available, but the Easywalker Harvey2 just won. I have not found such an easy and simple maneuverability with any other stroller.

I control it with one hand - it's adaptable, I have no problems going over curbs with one hand either. The wheels rotate nicely and I can do all sorts of maneuvers with the stroller when I need to avoid multiple obstacles.

The seat can parent-face as well as road-face, so depending on my little one's mood, we can reverse it as he needs. The Harvey2 has a bucket type of seat, the little one was fine with it, he had no problem sleeping in it from day one.

The storage basket at the bottom is large enough. I don't regret the purchase, I'm happy with the seat, too - so I'm not even considering buying a new pushchair or buggy.

The best stroller for shorter mums

  • Super easy to push
  • Great for petite mums
  • Not heavy
  • Comfortable
  • Shaped seat needs an insert of used with a saller baby that is not available from Easywalker

Super happy with this pram! The best stroller for shorter mums. The only thing I struggle with is the bucket seat, as my baby doesn't want to be in the carrycot. I have to get a wedged insert from another brand (shame they don't do this themselves).

An incredible push


An incredible push, really. Very happy with this pram.

  • Maneuverability
  • Compact fold
  • Folds with the seat attached
  • Height adjustable thanks to adaptors
  • Spacious sitting part
  • Perfect all terrain wheels that can go over ANYTHING
  • Stable
  • Extendable sunhood
  • Lined canopy that protects from the wind
  • Superb large basket
  • One hand push
  • Comfortable seat recline adjustment
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • I really don't like the design but what can one do if otherwise the stroller is perfect :-D

I truly didn't like its look, but well, it got to our top 10 stroller models when we were choosing the first one. Eventually, it won over all other strollers, so I had to forgive that unattractive design as everything else is simply perfect.

I have no complaints, just the canopy could be a bit larger.

Truth to be told, I didn't even know this stroller exists, so no love at first sight. I bumped in it randomly by being offered to change mine for this one. The fact that I am not sorry for this change was clear after the very first walk with it 😍

Forst that got my heart was the driveability - nice push, suspension, a smooth ride even on harsh terrain... The chassis is really lightweight but very stable. Just its black color tends to scratch easily. The wheels are made of quality material - they are not too hard, but they don't take in small stones either. They are very close to air-filled tiered, comfort-wise, but without the risk of getting a puncture. The handlebar adjusts in many positions; you just need to get the knack for it to fit it to the right positions to be able to click the securing clasps in. The basket is large and very open - I usually put a blanket over what we had in it to cover it from the sight of others.

The seat unit is an ergonomically-shaped one, which is not my preference, but my daughter was OK in it and liked to sleep inside as well. The padding is very soft and comfortable. The hood can be extended, but I would make it even bigger, and the zipper is a bit stiff for me, so I kept it always open. The leg rest is adjustable and covered in black fabric that makes dirt quite visible - I was aftŕaid we'll scratch it. The size of the seat is ok; it's a medium-sized seat, I would say. My 20-month-old is tall for her age, and she's alright in there, the leg rest being put down (otherwise, her legs were dangling over the edge). There is still a bit of space over her head to grow. Internal width is also average for the type.

I take one point for the biggest downside of the Harvey - the fold with the seat only facing forward. It's not the smallest after folding either, and the shape of the folded stroller is not practical. My husband refused to load it in his car, because, as he said, it's egg-shaped, and it touches the ground with the part of the chassis between the front wheels, which is sharp and made a mark in our car boot carpet. So it damages not only our boot but also the chassis itself - since it can get scratched. If you want the folded stroller to stand completely upright, that's impossible.

  • design
  • weight
  • high-quality materials
  • excellent center of gravity
  • easy to push
  • metal joints = longevity of use
  • larger wheels, nice for uneven surfaces
  • soft suspension
  • comfortable seat unit
  • robust hood
  • folds with the seat attached
  • wide range of handlebar adjustment heights
  • tandem configuration - two children option
  • practical optional accessories
  • not the largest seat unit (should be ok up to 2-2,5y)
  • price (not the cheapest)
  • mesh part of the hood that, if needing the hood extended, you have no way of covering
  • folding - pretty much impossible with the seat rearward-facing, and a bit cumbersome with it facing forward (hard to find the button)
  • zipper for closing the basket (in the Premium edition only) is not the smoothest to use
  • going down a curb can be uncomfortable at times since the two front wheels can get jammed (I find this to be the fault of their distance - I would put them further apart to make the stroller more stable)
  • the padding of the lower part of the harness (between the baby's legs) rolls upwards a lot, so you have to adjust it often to be able to close the buckle

In its price range above average, while design-wise a competition to much more expensive models - the Easywalker Harvey is a special one. A great advantage over its competitors would be in the metal, longevity boosting joints, and weight-supporting parts. It's a lot of performance for, well, not as little money - but for the city/countryside-based parents needing something not heavy, but fully functional and high-quality, this versatile beauty will make a lot of it come true.

Easywalker Harvey2 would get a percentual rating of 80 % from me - it lost points in things like compactness, cumbersome folding, hood directly over the seat, making it a bit smaller than it could be, and lastly, the jamming front wheels (when getting down a curb or with a large hole). They're not bad at all, but they could be better. Overall, this is, however, one awesome stroller (system) that I am grateful to have tried it out because I would maybe not think of it in the first place - and for those searching for something within this type, I can heartily recommend it.

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I fell in love with it

  • everything
  • price

I fell in love with this pram...

  • wow, so beautiful
  • premium line is well-padded with stiching detail
  • small but quite spacious seat unit
  • reversible, easy to adjust
  • suspension
  • big basket (closable in my beautiful, navy premium version)
  • height adapters make the kid being so close to you, mainly in the rear-facing position of the seat
  • leatherette details and luxury look
  • great to push, even on worse terrain
  • large canopy, covers well - mainly when the child is sitting, it is absolute full coverage
  • sometimes hard to click in the handle on the first try (adjusting system needs a bit of getting used to, but is similar to that of Bugaboo strollers)
  • I would make the leg rest wipe-clean, and maybe a bit longer
  • brake is a little too sturdy at first, but it gets better

A beautiful, luxury stroller with an excellent maneuverability. Comfortable - beautifully padded for the child. I like the upright sitting position of the bucket seat, as well as the height adapters making the seat unit to be higher up (and the baby close to you). It's strikingly good-looking as well as sturdy, practical, quite compact for a full-sized stroller (and also not heavy). We have the newer premium line and loving the navy color (having a silver-ish accent in some light conditions).

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