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kris_tin257 says:
"I'm not even considering buying a new pushchair or buggy"
and gives the Easywalker Harvey2

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The perfect stroller. We went to all the shops in our city and tried all the strollers available, but the Easywalker Harvey2 just won. I have not found such an easy and simple maneuverability with any other stroller.

I control it with one hand - it's adaptable, I have no problems going over curbs with one hand either. The wheels rotate nicely and I can do all sorts of maneuvers with the stroller when I need to avoid multiple obstacles.

The seat can parent-face as well as road-face, so depending on my little one's mood, we can reverse it as he needs. The Harvey2 has a bucket type of seat, the little one was fine with it, he had no problem sleeping in it from day one.

The storage basket at the bottom is large enough. I don't regret the purchase, I'm happy with the seat, too - so I'm not even considering buying a new pushchair or buggy.

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