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Used it till 3yo


Absolutely happy with this pram - we used it till 3y of my DD.


  • Compactness
  • Colour
  • Style
  • Storage
  • Could be a bit too low for tall parents

Awesome!!!! Compact, sturdy, no wobbling... Top class!!!

Best used in the city

  • foldable bassinet
  • functional seat unit
  • price (we bought it on sale)
  • folding could be smoother
  • folding could be a wee bit more compact
  • you have to use the height adaptors - otherwise, it is too low
  • small-ish bassinet

I feel like the Harvey is best used in the city - I wasn't that happy on uneven surfaces because of the smaller wheels and the suspension that I didn't feel as much. Also, the bassinet only lasted us 4 months, so I guess there's larger ones. The bassinet folding we used a few times - and the pushchair looks gorgeous. Overall, recommended.

  • Telescoping handle
  • Height adapters (I am 183cm tall, so I am grateful for those)
  • Price is acceptable
  • Very comfortable carrycot and mattress
  • Simple folding system
  • Brake in the center - no kicking it
  • Large basket
  • Bucket seat (we love it)
  • Short canopy
  • Mesh extension of the canopy
  • Wheels are noisy on bad terrain
  • I miss some wipe-clean layer on the leg rest
  • Brake is too close to the basket (but I can manage)

I am super happy with this stroller. I wanted it so much 😃 The push is easy-peasy; even with only one hand, the driving is a pleasure. I minded the noise on uneven terrain, but the wheels passed even through snow, of course not smoothly...

The carrycot could be wider; my baby plus a footmuff fit, but a little too tightly. We only used it for about four months, after which we went to the seat unit - my daughter wanted to see all around, unfortunately.

Seat-wise, it's excellent. The bucket seat is comfortable, very upright when in the sitting position - which many strollers don't have like this (they are often angled). I also love the leg rest that is adjustable, even though I wouldn't mind some PU leather on it to be wipe-clean ;-) The canopy is a bit shorter than I'd like - I mean, you'll think so only when the child is napping. The extendable mesh panel is a disadvantage in winter... Otherwise, I love it - I wanted to try another one, but I am keeping my Harvey 🥰🥰

  • Easy to maneuver on different kinds of terrain, even one-handedly
  • Basket can fit (and handle) loads of shopping
  • No rattling - it is sturdy and stable
  • Excellent fabrics – easy to rub off dirt with only a dry cloth
  • Very comfortable for the child
  • Reversing the seat is not done by reversing the handlebar, but by literally lifting the seat and turning it around - which is impossible to do with a 10kg baby
  • The seat has to be removed (when rearward-facing) to fold the chassis
  • Not-so-spacious carrycot
  • Height adapters are a must if you are taller

An excellent urban stroller. Quality materials, chassis, and easy folding. Compared to others, even those more expensive ones, it pushes silently and comfortably, and even one-handedly.

It's perfect, and I, satisfied

  • so easy to push - it's a joy to walk with it
  • suspension
  • handles well worse terrain and even snow
  • beautiful, elegant design
  • lightweight
  • extendable hood
  • adjustable handlebar
  • fits taller parents - I don't kick the rear axle
  • rubber wheels are high-quality - they are almost like air-filled ones, but they don't get punctures
  • seat unit's rain cover has to be purchased separately
  • braking is a little difficult - there is not much space for your foot if you don't want to make your basket dirty (because of kicking it while braking)

I had two other strollers before this one, and this is an absolute winner of them all, even quality-wise! I tried many in the shops, checked their quality and sturdiness of the chassis - and it was obvious with the Harvey that it won't get rattly and wobbly anytime soon (like so many modern strollers do).

The bucket-type seat is very suitable even for younger children - but around two years, the child may outgrow it. I absolutely don't regret the purchase. It's perfect, and I, satisfied.

An awesome tandem stroller

  • A beautifully shaped canopy that can be enlarged, + ventilation on sides (my son likes to look out through there)
  • I have the classic breton covers, and it doesn't get dirty
  • Bucket-type seat, long backseat BUT short leg rest
  • Easy to put in both - the parent as well as the forward-facing mode
  • The bumper bar is included and can be opened easily
  • The bassinet can be attached easily
  • A car seat can be used on the chassis (with additional adapters)
  • Nice leather telescopic handle with clasps on both sides - sometimes it takes time to find the right place for the clasps if doing it fast
  • Smaller-in-size shopping basket that can be enlarged
  • Suspension on all 4 rubber wheels (same like air-filled but no defects)
  • Rocking is possible!
  • Tackles all terrains without rattling
  • Can be made into a tandem stroller and, at the same time, takes up the same amount of space as a single stroller
  • Rain cover included
  • Relatively big after folding (the best is to fold each part separately - then it's same as a regular stroller)
  • I have it as a tandem stroller, and it needs to be folded in two steps - fist the seat units need to be removed, and then the chassis can be folded
  • Shorter leg rest (however, I have tall children) - the leg rest is covered with rubber so it can be easily cleaned, but during the summer, it gets hot very easily and can burn a bit
  • The carrycot is very simple - non-adjustable, no ventilation in the bottom - I guess they were focusing more on the seat unit's functionality

This is an awesome tandem stroller 😊

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