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Easy to operate

  • Full lie-flat position
  • Seat can face both forward and rearward
  • Parent handle with many positions
  • Super material
  • Large canopy
  • Drink holder with stroller
  • Easily foldable
  • Easy to fold
  • Large storage space
  • Window for parent on canopy
  • Anti-unfolding clap
  • Stroller comes with a footmuff
  • Harder to manoeuvre for taller people, due to the centre of gravity
  • Cannot buy a new bar for the child
  • Folding and unfolding easily scratches the bottom

The stroller is easy to operate. The front swivel wheels can be locked. It has inflatable wheels, which I see as an advantage.

The child can face both the direction of travel and in the opposite direction. It can be put in a full recline position and the footrest can be raised so the child can sleep. The backrest is easy to recline, the recline is solid and stable. The sun canopy is both a nice design feature and a functional helper against the sun, but it too can be folded down.

The material is suitable for children, easy to care for, only in winter it is quite cold, you need an inner liner or a footmuff. The handle for the parent has many positions, so it suits every height category. It is leather covered, which is great in summer, but in winter you need muffs. The leather is quite firm even after a long time of use.

The baby handle is also eco leather, easy to take care of - except ours tore it with her teeth and we're having trouble buying a replacement. The baby handle is easy to undo and redo. The child harness is adjustable and is suitable from about 7 kg and about 70 cm.

You can buy lots of original accessories and spare parts for the stroller - except for the baby handle. On the whole, I am very happy with it.

  • Light
  • 4 positions of the pushchair's seat back
  • 3-in-1 set can be purchased
  • Modern minimalist look - and still plenty of space in both the carrycot and the seat
  • Faded PU leather handle cover

It is our first pram, we have had it for about 9 months. Lightweight, small, handy stroller for the city. I like that it has up to 4 reclining positions with the pushchair part. As for rough terrain, we have found that it is manageable if you lock the front wheels - then it can really handle even the roughest of terrains. The only thing I don't like is the leather handle cover, which has completely faded from sweat and sun - and you can't buy an original replacement.

There are certainly better strollers, but they are priced higher. I also can't compare with anything else, because this is our first stroller. I bought it on my first feeling.

  • Reversible seat
  • Extended canopy
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Adjustable seatback and legrest
  • One-piece fold
  • Bad driving characteristics

We bought Easy Go Optimo Air 2019 at the end of March 2020. I am writing only my own experience! We have used it for less than two months.

Inflatable wheels, large canopy with shield, reclining backrest, footrest, stroller is lightweight, with an adjustable handle, folds flat, seat swivels in both forward and reverse, more suitable for the city.

I decided for this stroller thanks to the reviews I found... "It hiked with us"... I also wrote to the mom in question about the questions, what she says after a long time, + and - , but she did not reply. I say to myself - if mountain hiking, it can handle the city, I'll buy it.

We bought the stroller in the color Grey Fox, grey with black and leather handle. I contacted them by phone asking if the model was defective, if they had already had a complaint, the answer was no...

My daughter was 20 months and 8 kg. Long, petite. At first we had her in the parent-facing direction so she could see us.

We live in the city, asphalt, cobblestones, pavement, no rough terrain.
The wheels are inflatable, we inflated to the recommended 1.75 BAR, lubricating regularly as they say in the recommendation. Suspension on all 4 wheels? Hard, none. I don't mind as much, they are inflatable, that's enough.

The problem arose when we turned the seat in the direction of travel, the child looks forward, faces the street. The front wheels, one at a time, second after that, both at once... ...they wobble completely, and the movement eventually wobbles the whole pram, just a little at first, and then completely. There's no luxurious driving qualities at all.

Why do I need a stroller in which the baby won't fall asleep? I can't go for a leisurely stroll, shopping... After less than two months of use, I contacted the dealer - first by phone, just like the warranty claimed, I described the problem. His question was how much do we have the wheels inflated to and if it's only a problem of the front ones, and that we need to send a video in the mail. I've been puzzled by this, so I guess I'm not the first or the last, I gather they've encountered this before. I've also sent five videos, doing it on any surface, asphalt, cobblestones, pavement... Five days later they called to ask when they can send a courier for the front wheels, saying that they will send it to the manufacturer in Poland, so I said I will pack them right away, get them ready. Finally they sent a courier two days after that - he took the front wheels.

Nobody contacted me again, not even by mail.

I called there, I don't know what's new, we don't have a stroller, which we need very much at the moment. (I broke my leg, I'm out of surgery). So far nothing new, the manufacturer hasn't gotten back to me. So far, so much from my personal two-month acquaintance with the Easy Go Optimo Air stroller 2019.

And I've had strollers before, at first 2015 Camarelo Art Limited, a the Joie, Bebetto Nico S-Line. And for the second one also the 2018 G-mini Grand.

  • The air-filled wheels are already included, no need to buy them separately as with the basic Easy Go Optimo
  • Huge, accessible shopping basket
  • Leatherette look
  • Water-repellent materials
  • Reversible seat unit - we can change directions any time we need
  • Easy manipulation, pushing, loading it
  • 22kg weight capacity
  • The changing bag is not included - it has to be purchased separately
  • When walking fast, the front wheels behave like they cannot catch up and start to wobble - but I don't consider this to be a huge flaw affecting the quality of the stroller

I only have this stroller for a while. Although my Britax stroller I still have at hand is great, the advantage of the Optimo Air is that you can reverse the seat, making the baby face you. This makes me happy because I have a six-months-old little one.

Those new air-filled tires are great. We also went to the mountain resort with this stroller, and it was comfortable; we didn't shake our DS to death :-)

Another advantage is that it is perfectly alright to attach a universal sibling board to the chassis.

A plus is also the full lay-flat of the seat unit so that even a baby can use it :-) The leg rest also adjust, it was three different positions if I remember correctly. The canopy can be extended three times, so even when in the fully reclined position, the baby is adequately protected.

  • Suspension
  • Lightweight chassis
  • Stylish look

The wheels have some real suspension, which is not common for this type of stroller. It's easy to fold. Even I can do it, which makes my husband happy (he always had to fold our strollers in the past). It's also easy to carry it up the stairs. It's really stylish with the optional parasol.

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