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321majaa says:
"Very comfortable handling"
and gives the Dorjan Prestige Ecco Linen

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Very comfortable handling

  • Very comfortable pushing
  • Front wheels can be locked
  • Great brake design, no shoe wear
  • Different options to open or shield the canopy, even in the seat there are lots of options
  • Price
  • Large bassinet, I've never met a bigger one
  • In the sun, the shade of the fabric changed; I didn't try to complain. It doesn't matter so much on denim

For me a great pram. Very comfortable handling, folding into the car, variability. I'm using it now for my second child and it's still great; even when we meet moms with new strollers, it's still comparable or better.

Bigger bassinet, and I can turn the pram with one finger. If you're buying a new one, focus on the seat though - the baby is in that part much longer. I was just jealous of my friends with a flipping. Here you can only click on and off the part you need to reverse.

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