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We weren't happy almost at all

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Good sized inflatable wheels
  • Terrible squeaky construction, we changed it twice, didn't help
  • Suspension also squeaked, nothing helped
  • The seat can't be folded into the car with the frame
  • Heavy and bulky
  • The seat does not lie flat
  • The basket is completely useless, you can't put anything in it

We weren't happy almost at all, just with the bassinet.

  • Lightweight
  • Good suspension
  • Seat can be reclined completely flat
  • Nothing squeaks
  • Faces both directions
  • Nice design
  • Inflatable wheels
  • The bassinet can be reclined
  • The seat can be folded with the frame (though only in the direction of travel)
  • The mattress in the bassinet has a coconut liner
  • Basket is zippered/size is enough as the stroller also has a bag

The only thing that may bother someone is the shallower bassinet. But we wanted it that way, since we got the stroller for our summer baby.

My first time parenting mistake

  • inflatable wheels that have crossed every terrain and have never failed
  • all wheels can be easily removed and cleaned
  • the front wheels can be locked
  • brake design
  • large spacious bassinet
  • mesh on the bassinet canopy
  • adjustable leg rest
  • canopy on the seat
  • accessories for the pushchair
  • the frame (apart from the wheels) is one big disappointment
  • the head support system on the bassinet did not work
  • the seat is too small
  • the seat does not lie totally flat
  • the system for folding the frame does not work (at the complaint we were told that the internal rope is getting stuck and that's why it doesn't work)
  • the stroller is large when folded and requires a car with a large trunk
  • the seat does not fold comfortably into the trunk

This stroller system was my first purchase of this type, so I really didn't know what I was getting into. I thought I would kill three birds with one stone with the 3in1 stroller set, but the opposite was true. :( But let's take it one step at a time.

The design has been !!!in the warranty service twice!!! and the third time they gave me a new one. The frame is flimsy and is not designed for travelers, so folding, loading, unloading, unfolding too often seriously harms it. For us, with frequent handling, it gently bent to one side and thus the front right wheel was not firmly on the ground, so the stroller went most of the time on three wheels :-D Also the whole fame was incredibly creaky and even cleaning and lubricating it didn't help, the button for folding the construction once worked and once didn't, well, just a shock. The only plus I can give to the frame were the inflatable wheels, which passed even high snow.

The car seat was great, I had no complaints about it. I liked the ability to clip on a canopy or an umbrella. The only thing that annoyed me a bit was the handle that couldn't be put down when I had the canopy on.

The bassinet isn't very deep - it's designed more for babies who were born over the summer, which in my case it was so, anyway. The bassinet is long, which is pleasing. I had no problem putting a baby in the tub in a jacket, wrapped in a winter footmuff, putting another blanket on top, and zipping up the cover. As a fact, the bassinet is generous. There is a built-in net in the hood of the bassinet for better ventilation and a handle to move the whole bassinet quickly. The only thing I would criticize the bassinet is the head lift system, which doesn't work well with a slightly heavier newborn. (The plastic just doesn't want to stick. At best it just drops into a lying position, at worst it falls out of its hinges.)

The seat was my number two stumbling block after the frame! :( My son was a long baby from birth, so using the seat for us was nonsense. But first, I'll highlight the positives of the sports section for kids of normal height :D The seat unit has an adjustable leg rest and the bar in the waist area (the bar at the waist can also be removed). And it has a really cool extended canopy, but we couldn't use it to its full potential just because of the canopy. The seat is short, my son was almost a year old and his head was sticking out of the stroller, so we couldn't open the canopy as the head was in the way. For one thing, he wouldn't see anything, and for another, the canopy was getting in the way and rubbing his head. So after a few crying walks I bought him a new stroller.

With the stroller I also had a rain cover, a mosquito net and a bag, which were problem-free. However, if I had to choose a stroller for a baby again, the Dada Paradiso would definitely not be it anymore, it was my first time parenting mistake.

  • suspension

Great stroller with good amortization (suspension). Only would be nicer to have stronger matherials (vinyl/plastics).

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