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Doesn't really suits our needs

  • Small fold, fits in small trunks
  • Reversible seat
  • Wheels with suspension
  • Nice material
  • Mesh back rest, child doesn't sweat
  • Awesome design
  • Fits in our Thule Chariot (with baby in the second seat)
  • Seat is too low
  • Flimsy fold when seat is reversed
  • Small basket
  • Small wheels, not suitable for field tracks with smaller rocks

I bought it secondhand because I liked the design and read the good review here. Unfortunately, it doesn't really suits our needs.

It doesn't seem sturdy at all and is not suitable for light field paths. I would recommend it for someone who is living in the city, occasionally goes to a Park in the city, but doesn't walk in field paths/forest tracks...

The perfect stroller

  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Compact
  • Airy mesh backrest
  • Reverses in both directions
  • Can be put in a full reclining position
  • Beautiful and timeless
  • Possibility to pick your own colorway
  • Smaller storage basket
  • Price
  • And maybe someone won't like the small wheels (I didn't have a problem)

For me the perfect stroller. I didn't find it until later when my son was 6 months old - so I don't know what the bassinet is like, but I'm extremely happy with the seat unit.

We bought it in May, so I started using it for the summer - and the incredible benefit was the mesh back. My son hardly sweated at all when he was in the stroller.

It is very lightweight, it weighs just over 8 kg. It can be folded with one hand, which was an advantage for me when I held my son in my arms - and it doesn't take up much space in the car. It fits easily in a smaller boot.

The seat is surprisingly large and roomy. My son is now 1.5 years old, 12kg, and fits in it with no problems with the Elodie Details footmuff. The sports section can face both forward and to the parent. It can be put in a full recline, which is what I wanted. Every previous stroller I've had can't be put into full recline. The Mios still has about 4 more positions and an almost upright seat position.

As for the little wheels, they are rubber and not as small as they seem. They have handled cobblestones in the city as well as the "village" road without a problem.

For the nest kid, I would definitely buy the Mios again with the bassinet, but I can't fit a skate for an older child, so I'll have to go with its bigger brother - the Cybex Priam. Otherwise, I recommend it to everyone 👍

The best stroller you can buy

  • It has everything you need from a stroller
  • Spacious
  • Great manipulation
  • We passed through any terrain
  • Lightweight
  • One-hand fold
  • There are none

This is the best stroller you can buy!

  • design
  • spacious, breathable, comfortable seat unit that lays flat
  • soft, quality suspension
  • no stones in the wheels even after longer use
  • compact fold
  • low weight
  • comfy carrycot
  • I'd appreciate a longer sun visor on the carrycot, mainly in summer
  • some could be surprised by the front axle being wider than the rear one, which makes the stroller more stable, but the turning circle wider
  • not-so-easy removing of the car seat adapters

Since I first saw the Mios (just being announced), I knew I have to have it. Although it is a more expensive stroller, it was - and still is - worth the money. The design is unrepeatable and beautiful, reminding of the Priam, but not the same. I bought it in the Cashmere Beige color, which looked soft and modest - great for both a boy and a girl. When assembling the stroller out of the box, all went smoothly except for the canopy, which I managed to thread right on my third try 🙂 The chassis is solid and equipped with a nice suspension (I can even rock my baby slightly), and despite the small wheels, we pass bumps in the road (or grass) relatively easily.

The seat unit is unexpectedly spacious and can easily handle my older, three-year-old son. It is possible to adjust its position from fully sitting (very upright) to full lay-flat. Two in-between positions are ideal for a non-yet-sitting-by-itself child, or a baby with reflux.

The carrycot is a good, average size, although, at first sight, it may seem small-ish. My (over 4 kg at birth) big little man fit in it in 7 and a half months - with a winter footmuff! We switched to the seat unit because he was trying to climb out of it, even though I think I could fit him in it for at least a few weeks. What irritated me the most was the car seat adapters - they work well, but they need to be removed with force, just like the removing of the car seat from those adapters. If the memory buttons were also on the adapters (just like they are on both the carrycot and the seat unit part), the whole system would be perfect. The stroller is very compact after folding, and also it's lightweight and practical to use in the city. Great as a second stroller, but for urban moms (like I am), also as an only stroller.

  • Easy folding
  • Good push
  • Beautiful design
  • Short seat unit surface
  • Leg rest too short
  • Not for a two-year-old - I'd say, at least in our case, for kids from 6 to 18 months - then no more space for a winter footmuff

Lightweight and very practical for the city. Excellent maneuverability, but unfortunately, I and my son found it too small (he was 20 months old). Because of the short and badly designed leg rest, the overall space of the seat unit is too short for my taste.

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