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It tips forward every time the front wheels hit a pebble.


I love much about it (mainly the design, the low weight, the rather accessible basket) but it feels flimsy a bit, and the foot rest is pretty much non existent. The child has feet dangling around. Also, the leg rest and the overall surface for napping could be bigger. But yeah, it's parent facing so I guess that's the price to pay...

  • Faces both ways
  • Good quality
  • Badly balanced
  • I felt that the stroller would tip over with the child

Nice frame, nice looking - but that’s all. I felt that the stroller would tip over with the child.

  • low weight
  • nice roomy seat
  • one-hand push
  • one-hand fold
  • lie-flat seat
  • ventilation
  • small wheels
  • open seat when reclined

Fantastically lightweight! I love how nimble it feels and how I can push it with one hand while holding my toddler’s hand with the other one 🥰 The seat is spacious for occasional use with the older son, too. Recommended if you need something compact for a small car boot.

A yes from us

  • hood size
  • seat size
  • storage
  • stylish
  • light
  • foldable
  • foam on the handle
  • short leg rest
  • footrest

I sincerely love it. The hood size, the seat size, the storage 😍😍😍, the stylish frame, and so light ♥️ A yes from us.

I truly mind the foam handlebar

  • ventilated seat
  • large hood (a sun visor for the reclined position would be nice, though)
  • looks
  • compact one-hand fold
  • no foot rest
  • no locking of the front wheels
  • wobbly chassis/plastics
  • small wheels
  • less suspension than the Mios' (and only in the rear part)
  • foam handle

It's a little wobbly for it to be a pushchair made out of carbon - maybe they could have also made the plastics better. I truly mind the foam handlebar. I also don't understand why there is no real footrest for an older child and why the front wheels lack suspension as well as a locking system. Otherwise, a good-looking little urban pushchair with great ventilation for hot summer days.

  • incredibly lightweight
  • luxury design
  • summer seat
  • short leg rest
  • short canopy

A must-have for the stroller fashionistas! Great for summer, even though, get an extra sun-shade to it, if your child naps in the stroller often.

  • mesh seat
  • weight
  • compactness + one-hand fold
  • newborn-compatibility
  • maneuverability thanks to the wheel width
  • sturdiness
  • canopy

A less expensive "Mios". I love the "summer" design, but ofc it won't be that great in winter. Not the sturdiest. A simple option for the fashion-enthusiastic moms whose budget is a bit lower than the Mios' price.

I do love that it is like a cheaper, super lightweight Mios. Space- and function-wise, it is really super nice, but it doesn't feel sturdy at all. Very urban, ideal use would be for going shopping and such... The mesh seat will be awesome for summer.

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