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The quality could be a bit higher

  • narrow seats
  • frame does not feel durable
  • design
  • price
  • basket

A bit narrow seats and the whole frame is a bit rattly (I would welcome a sturdier one). I didn't want a side by side so it will do, and the basket is an exquisite idea, aaand the price is not bad... but the quality could be a bit higher. Overall, however, nice design and cool ideas.

  • design
  • weight
  • materials
  • basket
  • non-bucket seat units!
  • variability
  • basket instead of one seat
  • simplicity (in a good way)
  • long seat/laying surface
  • basket gets lost when using a lower carrycot
  • not the sturdiest
  • seats are a bit open

I only saw and tried it as it was introduced on an expo. I didn't feel like the sturdiest single-to-double in the world, but, on the other hand, it is so variable, not heavy at all, and feels well-made materials-wise, I think it's gonna be the perfect middle ground and a great bargain - mainly when I compare it with the rather expensive tandem stroller systems available nowadays.

A great idea in an affordable package! I can't wait for it to get available in the shops.

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