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  • Roomy for a 2yo+
  • Comfortable
  • Nice to push
  • Terrain ride is OK
  • Narrower rear wheels make it hard to get up rails on stairs
  • Smallish basket

It's totally awesome ❤️ My DS is 2yo and he's happy in it. We use it only occasionally - when he can't walk much anymore and we want to move on 😊 The only problem we have is to go up the two stairs into our apartment building - because the rear wheels are narrower than the front. But it's only two stairs 😉 We managed even dirt road terrain with the Eezy S Plus 2, so - recommended! 👍

I would only change the seat angle

  • compact
  • lightweight
  • flip-flop friendly brake
  • space under the canopy
  • strap recline - not an upright seat
  • not as sturdy

A nice & copact buggy. It is not as sturdy, but yeah, it is a buggy after all. The suspension and the large wheels are very nice. I would only change the seat angle - as a strap-operated one, it is not so upright and the child may slide down.

  • Wheels with suspension
  • All-terrain
  • Easy to push with one hand
  • Compact
  • Folding system
  • Large canopy
  • I find it beautiful
  • 22kg weight capacity
  • No window in the hood
  • Small basket (but you cannot expect a large one on a small-size stroller)
  • The backrest is not fully upright

Top of the line for me. We have the Rivet Blue color - it's beautiful. It pushes incredibly, and through any terrain. Broken sidewalks, grass, forest road, we went through it all. It's great to push even with one hand. Easy folding and unfolding. I am very very happy with it, even if not the cheapest one, it's worth every penny 😉 I can recommend it to anyone 🙂

A pushchair I needed


Finally, a pushchair I needed. Small, lightweight, and beautiful-looking as well.

  • design
  • long canopy
  • large wheels with suspension (for the type)
  • fold
  • gate-open bumper bar
  • weight capacity
  • basket accessibility (from both sides)
  • soft, padded seat
  • 15 cm of space between the end of the backrest and the canopy
  • low weight
  • no peek-a-boo window, but I don't need it

We bought it as a second pushchair to keep in the car, take shopping, etc. It won me over very quickly - no rattling (on any surface) - I even tried it on our village roads. I am very glad for that large canopy, padded seat, beautiful design, larger wheels, and mostly for space I have now free in my car :-) I also love that there is 15 cm of space between the end of the backrest and the canopy, meaning even an older toddler can use it comfortably. The only thing this pushchair doesn't have, compared to larger pushchairs, is a peek-a-boo window. I am taking it for a buggy, so no problem there. And I must say that my husband also loves it. I am 165 cm tall, he is 185 cm - and we both can push it comfortably.

  • A versatile pram with a very long carrycot - I don't even think there is a pram with a larger one, I used it for naps up to two years of my daughter (she was petite)
  • Truly great for walks in nature - those large springs work like magic
  • No swivel wheels, which is why we bought an Inglesina Trilogy for narrow shops aisles and such
  • Bulky for the car, so an umbrella stroller was also needed for our shopping trips

I bought a predecessor of this model 19 years ago. It's an excellent pram that was used for 4 kids already, and we're still keeping it for our grand-children, even if only for walks in nature. It's incredibly stable - even if you go right into a pothole with one wheel, there's no flipping it over. No rattling the child in it - it's so smooth and soft to ride even on bad surfaces. Snow is no problem for this pram.

The only problem we ever had was one tire - after 14 years of use, it started to deflate, so we change it in a bike shop. Oh, one more thing, a screw broke after 16 years, we changed that as well.

We also own another Inglesina model, the Trilogy, and we were happy with that as well.

I was considering the S+2 for a while since it's new and with very few reviews. But I liked it a lot, and the dimensions and features were just what I was looking for, so eventually, I ordered it online.

I can say I am not sorry about this choice. I got it yesterday, and we took it for two walks - I have nothing at all to complain about so far. Maybe only one tiny thing - the seat is not that upright in the most sitting position, but this is completely normal for this type of strollers, and I can adjust that with one extra strap put behind the backrest if I need to.

The fabrics seem high-quality, and everything is very nicely made, even the detailing. The buggy is very lightweight and super easy to push. The wheels are not the smallest, what I liked, and I think we can even go over some bumps or little but of terrain with those. We tried going over potholes and up curbs, and that was absolutely ok.

My husband complains a bit that it's a small stroller, and he kicks the wheels when he's walking. He's around 184 cm, and he would like a little higher handle. I am 173 cm, and the handle is perfect for me. It is true, however, that my hubby is used to our heavy pram with which he walked like with a tank, and this is an ultracompact lightweight model, so he can't do the same 😂 😁

Large seat in a small buggy

  • spacious
  • practical
  • compact
  • hood coverage
  • nice to push
  • could be cheaper
  • I would make the hood even bigger
  • no adjustable handlebar

A clear choice for me. Large seat in a small buggy. Quality is good enough to make the price reasonable.

The best in its category


The best in its category.

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