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Lightweight, easy to use, compact


Lightweight, easy to use, compact. Easy to fold and unfold.

Suitable for tall people

  • Gorgeous design
  • Quality covers
  • Quality wheels
  • Extended canopy
  • Lightweight and takes up little space when folded
  • One-hand folding
  • Small storage basket
  • No window in the roof for checking the baby - that bothers me probably the most
  • The leg cover is quite small and has a badly designed fastening for the stroller

A buggy with a modern look. Suitable for tall people - the handle is high enough.

We used it until at least 3,5 years

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Reclinable
  • I found none

We also bought this model to complement our Aprilia stroller 👍 And maximum satisfaction. Lightweight, foldable, adjustable stroller. We used it until at least 3,5 years. If someone in the family went somewhere and needed a stroller that did not take up a lot of space in the trunk, we rented them this stroller.

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