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bkiddo says:
"It has various little things that please the parent"
and gives the Coto Baby Aprilia

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  • Easy to steer
  • Positionable bassinet
  • The bassinet can be adjusted as needed (ventilation, etc.)
  • Price
  • Bulky, takes up a lot of space

A very good stroller. It has various little things that please the parent - reclining bassinet, pocket for pacifier (or phone), multifunctional hood, ventilation from the bottom... It is easy to control with one hand and you can fit a lot of things in the basket. It's got nice suspension.

The downside is the massive frame, it takes up a lot of space and fills the whole trunk in a smaller car. The zipper on the bag is hard to unzip. The cover on the bassinet is on magnets, which is a plus is quick unzipping and fastening, the minus is that if the bassinet is full, it is easy to detach.

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