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A good choice in my eyes (85 %)

  • price - its relative affordability, at least on Amazon and similar platform, is, to me, a huge plus
  • a pleasant center of gravity and a nice push and curb-popping
  • the rubber wheels are a wee bit larger than those of the competition (not large, though)
  • suspension is mild but works well
  • a reasonably wide seat unit with enough space to the canopy to accommodate an older toddler as well (we were mostly using it with our 4yo)
  • a lever-operated backrest that lies flat enough for small babies
  • a more [[article:nomuremese|upright seat]], compared to almost every ultra-compact we tried out
  • a compact auto-fold that needs almost no strength on your side, just release the handle buttons and "throw" the handle forward (great with a kid in your hands)
  • low weight
  • leatherette details on the handle and bumper bar
  • wipe-clean leg-rest covered with PU leather
  • weak canopy wire makes the canopy feel "cheap" when opening/closing it
  • no peek-a-boo window in the hood
  • backrest length (would be nicer to be taller)
  • basket size (absolutely understandable, though, for an ultra-compact model) - at least some kind of a rear pocket would be nice to be added
  • no handlebar adjustment
  • I minded the leg rest - it feels too soft, not being toughened in the center, so it's not much of use when a tall toddler naps in the stroller

At first sight, I didn't love it, to be honest... it felt like it could have many flaws. Apart from the hood sturdiness and the too-soft leg rest, I didn't find much more negatives... and that makes the Goody a good choice in my eyes (85 %).

This is an excerpt of our XXL Chicco Goody stroller review here.

Almost perfect

  • upright seat
  • automatic folding system doale even with a kid in your hands (like, really)
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • lies flat
  • rear wheels are larger than those on comparable buggies
  • canopy wire - canpy feels flimsy and click only in the open position, or closes completely

It is almost perfect! The only thing I kind of do not like about it is the canopy wire in the front - it feels flimsy, and it only clicks into one open position. Apart from the canopy, I like how awesomely compact it is; the fold is truly one-handed and automatic, and... THE SEAT IS UPRIGHT! I don't know if because of the lever-operated mechanism or just made so, but I tried to find a travel buggy with an upright seat, and this one is the only one that met this requirement I found. So happy with that!

  • Folding and folded size
  • Seat space for my son
  • Design (it's very nice, feels elaborate)
  • Steering
  • Smaller wheels are not suitable for any worse bumps
  • I sometimes activate the brake so maybe the brake placement (but it's rather rare)

It's fantastic. Of course, not for terrain, but for everyday errands, shops, and so on (we have a toddler already)... 👍 And - we have a hatchback and our larger pram was a pain to load in the boot. This is such a relief...

The only little niggle with it is the brake - I sometimes accidentally activate it with my foot.

I can honestly recommend it. It's a good push and a good quality. And the fold is magical...

Great budget option for travels

  • great budget option for travels
  • comfy padding
  • design
  • short back area
  • not for any uneven terrain
  • thin hood

Pretty. Affordable. Easy to fold.


  • fast delivery
  • quick assembly
  • easy to handle in every way
  • seat space?
  • a bit heavier than an average model in this category

Wonderfully small and helpful. I got it from amazon, the delivery was super fast, and I only needed to attach the wheels. Easy-peasy! Maybe just a bit heavy for the type (but they claim a 22kg weight capacity, even though I am not sure if a 22kg child would fit in it).

  • wheels!!! (beautiful)
  • that no-effort fold happening pretty much by itself!!!
  • canopy is high up, so even with that short-ish backrest, you WILL fit a taller child
  • weight capacity of 22 kg
  • compact after folding (mainly without the bumper bar)
  • bumper bar included, and it serves as a carry handle as well
  • overall easy manipulation
  • fully-washable textiles
  • PU leather details
  • canopy is quite short and kind of thin
  • backrest could be longer
  • unfolding is not as smooth as the folding - I usually need both of my hands to do it the quickest possible
  • quite long with the bumper bar attached
  • it doesn't lay completely flat, but it is enough for napping
  • basket is way too open in the front for my taste
  • very tall parents might be kicking the rear axle since it is joining the rear wheels (and there's a brake in the middle to add to it)

I actually bought it because of those beautiful wheels - it reminded me so much of Mima Zigi (which I find super beautiful but a bit too expensive for my taste)! And, of course, the super-easy fold... it really folds almost by itself (you just need to "start" it).

I like that the leg rest is not short; on the other hand, I would love the backrest to be a bit longer. For occasional rides and traveling, it should be enough, I believe - we didn't yet have any big problem in that area, but let's see how it will grow with our DD. The higher weight (for this pushchair/buggy category) is balanced with the high, 22kg weight capacity. I don't think, though, that a 22kg child will still fit in the Goody!

It seems like a good(y) buggy for that price, so I would say I can recommend it - mainly if you need an occasional ride and a lot of folding/traveling!

  • doesn't hold closed when folded and carried

I love the fold and the overall design, but I am really irritated by how the upper handle opens up (unfolds) when I grab the folded stroller to carry it, making me having to push it back closed again. OK overall, but I wish this didn't happen as much.

I love the fold; it makes my life so much easier when in a hurry or while traveling. I do, however, wish for a longer laying surface since my boy likes to nap in the stroller. The hood is also more for decoration - I find it too short (for a smaller child - I guess with a taller one, it will be better). Good buy for that price, but some details could be better thought-of.

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