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A nice tandem that will serve you very well

  • Nice design-wise
  • Many combinations of the direction of the seat units together
  • Large basket
  • Spacious
  • Easy manipulation-wise
  • Sturdy to last
  • Compact when folded
  • Handbrake
  • Large seat unit's hoods
  • 360degree swivel wheels
  • Good not only for twins but also for an older+younger sibling duo, since you can combine a seat with a car seat or a carrycot
  • Without a possibility of two carrycots at the same time
  • Rear air-filled wheels
  • Too large for an elevator
  • Seat units don't have a leg rest
  • Foam parts, as well as all the inscriptions, got rubbed off very soon
  • The seat unit attachments of the front seat loosened up quite soon, so the child in the front sat tilted a bit backward after some time
  • No place for a bottle
  • No place to hang toys from

A nice tandem that will serve you very well. We did not want a side-by-side twin stroller sytsem, and we did not like tandem strollers with seat units in a row, where the second seat is lower than the other. The Casualplay S-twinner is great to have kids on one level (both with a good view). In addition, it is possible to reverse each seat as well as click on car seat(s) or combine a seat with a car seat or one carrycot. With twins, we were struck by the fact that it was not possible to click 2 carrycots at the same time because they could not fit - for the first 7 months, we used the larger Casualplay car seat up to 13 kg with the carrycot (called the Casualplay Sono).

The S-Twinner folds very quickly and doesn't take up much space. The drawback was that we did not fit int every elevator - fortunately, we didn't need to use elevators much. We also quickly got a puncture (rear wheels are air-filled), but otherwise, the ride was comfortable. The stroller also has quite a sturdy chassis. A big plus is the large storage space. When driving downhill, we greatly appreciated the handbrake, which helped the stroller loaded with two 12kg children to brake without too much effort. Seat-wise, I was bothered a little that children's feet were hanging and had no place to rest/lay, which looked very uncomfortable while they were sleeping. On the contrary, we greatly appreciated the extended hoods, which could be opened almost up to the kids' feet. Such hoods were missing on the car seats - because of that, we had to buy extra parasols. We also missed a bottle holder that would be close at hand.

Overall, we were happy with it.

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