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  • Stroller weight (it's extra light)
  • Mesh all around the back of the hood
  • Pocket for small items
  • Compact (ideal for travel, in the trunk of the car)
  • The covers are easy to take off and wash
  • Wheels type (subjective opinion)
  • Velcros

So far it has been tested only at home, as I put my baby to sleep in it, so - for the apartment it is handy, small, light, foldable.

I'm afraid of the wheels on broken pavements (I prefer sprung, inflatable ones), but I chose the stroller for home and then for the time when the baby will walk more than sit. It's ideal for holidays, as you fold it up, put it in the bag (in which it comes) and pop it in the boot.

The Velcro on the sides, which (apart from the studs) fastens the seat hood, tends to unzip when the seat is in full recline - but it doesn't hinder functionality. The only thing is that if a bigger child sticks his hands in there, you have to be careful.

The price, quality and functionality ratio seems fine to me. It is still more "just" a buggy than a pushchair.

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