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Amazing to drive

  • Easy folding
  • Easy steering
  • Great, unfolding canopy with hidden sun shade
  • No drink holder
  • A bit wide in a narrow doorway (so we go through the front door of the house)

A great pushchair. Amazing to drive, spacious for the little one, easy to fold... Only a drink holder is missing.

The price/quality ratio is excellent

  • low price
  • maneuverability
  • spaciousness
  • a little bit of wear on the handle

Very happy with this - the price/quality ratio is excellent :) Easily foldable, compact, easy to use.

I had a puncture very often


The stroller is easy to handle, but you need both hands to fold it (it doesn't matter), the canopy is just right... I don't know if I had a defective piece or if it's normal, but I had a puncture very often, which was the reason for replacing the stroller.

The absolute best

  • Full suspension chassis
  • Air wheels
  • Lies completly flat
  • Easy to fold
  • None

The absolute best pushchair I could have.

Perfect for sleeping, very spacious. The only minus is its higher weight. Harder to handle when the baby is heavier.

Very good

  • Spacious
  • Manipulation
  • Extendable hood
  • Large basket

For me, very good. Inflatable wheels, large basket space, spacious...

  • Spacious
  • Easy to steer
  • Stroller suspension and inflatable wheels
  • Handles any terrain
  • Stroller positioning - back and legs
  • In my opinion it is not very compact, we have another stroller for the car and for travelling, this one took almost the whole trunk
  • Heavier chassis
  • The child's handle is quite far away in my opinion, but it's a matter of habit and the child is strapped in anyway
  • The handle of the stroller gets loose quickly, I already had to buy a new one
  • The original rain cover sucks, but I got a second one
  • The basket is very hard to access when the stroller is set up in the reclined position
  • I would have appreciated a bigger basket

I bought it second hand - I needed something spacious for terrain use, for dirt roads. And this stroller will go over everything. Woods, meadows, dirt roads... It has big inflatable wheels, which is great.

You can adjust the legs and the back, up to lying down. Which is nice, too. It's well cushioned, so it can handle the rough stuff without knocking the baby around :-) It rides well, but it's heavier, and in my opinion, harder to store. We solved that by buying a lightweight buggy.

I think it's a pretty good stroller - a bit better than the combination ones, it's also suitable for smaller moms (I'm small, and the stroller is just right for me). It doesn't reverse, but I don't mind. Otherwise, I rate the stroller quite positively, even though it's an ordinary Polish stroller. I wouldn't buy it new, I'm glad I found the stroller for a few bucks and in good condition. I'm quite satisfied, we've only ridden in winter so far, but it handled the snow really well.

I'm looking forward to nice weather when we go out more :-)

  • Inflatable wheels
  • Lays flat
  • Canopy extension
  • Storage space
  • Simple folding
  • Takes up little space in the car boot 👌
  • None!

A fantastic stroller that I certainly recommend. Easy to maneuver even in winter over snow or demanding terrain. Lightweight, easily foldable, with enough space for the baby to sleep in. The canopy is great, with an extendable part 👌 We all love it, along with my daughter 😊

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