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mirkac7 says:
"I appreciated the bassinet the most"
and gives the Cam Dinamico Up

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I appreciated the bassinet the most

  • spacious bassinet
  • the bassinet cover can be unzipped on the 2016 model and serves as a mosquito net
  • there is also a net on the back of the canopy
  • the bassinet can also be used with the harness for transport by car
  • the pram has suspensions
  • spacious shopping basket
  • the seat lasts a very long time
  • squeaks a lot after a while
  • the car seat is a very cheap version, it holds the head badly, it is certainly not safe for longer travels
  • the seat part is not aesthetic, the canopy is not fully attached to the seat and flies, it is quite creased
  • the belts in the seat are too cheap and flimsy

In general, it's a pretty good pram. The bassinet I thought was great, but my daughter was born on a cold winter and the front wheels barely skidded in the snow - we didn't get far from the apartment building. The bassinet was roomy, and with a mesh ventilation part, it was great in the summer.

The pram's not big, which was fine with me. We also fit in the small lift.

The car seat is horrible for me, the baby flew around in it, without the newborn insert it was unusable for us - there are much safer car seats in my opinion. The seat part was used the most, although initially I was very disappointed with it. It is very roomy, baby can be in there for a very long time. For the undemanding mom it can be just fine.

Shopping basket is awesome - since I don't have a car, it carried big purchases, a running bike, a million things. I actually liked the stroller, but I appreciated the bassinet the most. Least of all the car seat. After two years, it squeaks a lot. But it was used nonstop daily. With the second child, I'm using the bassinet again, but I'll check out a pushchair for the winter. I've already replaced the car seat and I have to say it's incomparable.

In retrospect, it's a bit of an expensive investment for a pram (just a bassinet), since I don't use the pushchair part and the car seat for the second time.

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