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nasta says:
"Hľadali sme hlavne kočík na zimu"
and gives the Cam Dinamico Up

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  • Large carrycot
  • Large shopping basket
  • Easy to fold pushchair setup into the car
  • Large wheels, great for winter and bad trails
  • Adjustable carrycot, can also be used as a cradle
  • Heavy-ish car seat

We bought the stroller based on reviews on the internet. We were mainly looking for a stroller for winter, as our little one was born in November. We are very satisfied with the stroller. It has a large carrycot where we could fit our little one even in a thick footmuff, which I think is a big plus, as some strollers have very small carrycot.

It was very easy to drive in the winter, even in the snow, and it handles uneven pavement super well too. The carrycot is reclining, so we didn't have to have a reflux cushion. What's also cool is that when I had the little one down and needed to put him to sleep, I took the carrycot, put it on the floor, and it served as a cradle because it has a system that makes the carrycot rock. We also used the car seat for a long time. That's on the heavy side without the baby even, so it's a chore to carry the car seat with the baby in your hands.

And we are currently using the pushchair part. The latter is great in that it puts the whole stroller together in the car, we don't have to disconnect the seat part, which I've noticed not all strollers have that way. Also a big plus is that it has a large shopping basket where I can fit a LOT compared to other mums and their baskets. You need to watch the videos for this stroller, and you will definitely get it. For us, great satisfaction.

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