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chiquita says:
"Actually, it's quite good, and for a nice price"
and gives the Cam Dinamico Up

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  • Large carrycot
  • Backrest adjustment in the carrycot
  • Sturdy chassis
  • A lot of accessories
  • Great storage space
  • Washable textiles
  • Easy reclining of the seat (and it lays flat)
  • Large hoods - carrycot as well as the seat
  • Very easy to push, when the sidewalk is in good condition
  • So hard to get up even a small curb
  • Horrible in snow
  • Very hard-to-do clips securing the textiles
  • Heavy
  • Difficult, two-handed folding and unfolding
  • Needs getting used to

We owned the Cam Dinamico Up 2016. It was bought over the net because I didn't have the nerves to pick the perfect stroller system at a reasonable price in a normal shop. But how is it really? Actually, it's quite good, and for a nice price. The carrycot is super large. I was using it for eight months with my son.

The carrycot is really cool. It features backrest adjustment; everything is fully washable. What I actually never did 😂 The backrest positioning is, however, not so easy to do - I felt like I was too weak to do it. And those fastening studs... It was so hard to click it in as it should. It just needs to be used to loosen up a little.

The seat part is not bad. It features a large hood that we, unfortunately, bent when we were putting the stroller in the car. The positioning of the seat unit is a hundred times better, though. The fastening studs are also super hard to do, but the seat textiles can also be washed.

The car seat is quite typical - there is a removable newborn insert. When I put my not even 3kg son in there, he was quite lost in it. We had to put in more padding so that he wouldn't be all twisted. The car seat also features a hood, but not very suitable for older children. It is more straight and easy to remove, but the places where it goes in are kinda sharp - we even ruined one pair of trousers on it :-D

Clicking / unclicking the carrycot, seat part, car seat on and off the chassis is easy, just needs a third hand. On each side there is a button that must be pressed to release. Which, with some practice, I learned to do 😂

The chassis is very sturdy, good quality. But I guess it's not for weaker people. I always thought that a stroller should get up a 2cm curb or a bump on the road just so; however, my fantasy was not right. When it is empty, the getting up a bump is ok and fairly smooth, but once it is loaded with a child, I have to push against the rear wheels to get the front wheels up. I guess I'm too weak to do that. In the snow, it's quite a catastrophe - first, the wheels get completely stuck. My husband, however, did not have problems like this - probably he's just stronger, 🙂 and it's just heavy for me. To fold it is also a struggle, as well as the unfolding. A folded Dinamino Up occupied our entire trunk.

The front-wheel suspension is not for rocking. Probably only to absorb some shocks. The brakes kind of need a certificate to use :-D On each side of the rear wheels, there are two colored thingies. They only need to be pushed down! Not up, no, no! Or you may break them! The red is activating the brake, and when you need to release it, you must press the green one. I always had to think twice about it - because you need it to click in its place (only when it goes in, it really brakes). But you need some practice to do it properly and, hopefully, easily enough. There is storage space in the bottom part. I write storage 'space' because it is no net or bag. It is really solid, no scraping it on the ground. It is so nice to go whipping with this, and it even can be pressed down for better access. The basket is also fully washable.

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