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  • Compactness
  • One-handed folding
  • Pull-out bar
  • Extended hood
  • Large sleeping area
  • Controllability, or rather uncontrollability
  • Positioning of the feet
  • Sitting position - the child slides down
  • Wheel caps - instantly lost, not holding

We bought the stroller mainly for holiday and the compact fold. This expectation was met, excellent is the pull-out bar, which can be used for t'pulling it behind you like a suitcase. Unfortunately, they didn't let us take it on board the plane there or back.

Excellent for a baby nap, it's a spacious stroller. Not so good for sitting, the baby literally slides down, held mostly by the seat belt. I just ran around the stroller and fixed my little one.

One of the sturdier chassis, went through everything on vacation, folding the hood all the way down is also great. Folds down just fine with one hand. Basket under the stroller roomy.

Unfortunately I give half of the points off for one of the main things - maneuverability. We didn't notice it in the shop. I thought we had a defective piece. We don't. I had a chance to try the same stroller and the other mom "huffs" while pushing it, too. When the stroller is loaded, it's like driving a tank. The front swivel wheels do as they please, I have to exert force when trying to turn, absolutely uncontrollable with one hand.

The stroller is also taller - when driving where the road is slightly downhill to the right or left, I literally hold the stroller with force to keep it from tipping over.

I did accidentally discover one other flaw, and that is the positioning of the feet. The legs don't reach the plastic support at the bottom, it's just impossible.

Our stroller got scraped at the airport, if it was okay I would go try to return it.

  • lightweight and ultra-compact "buggy", ideal for the plane
  • quite spacious - a 3-year-old child can fit and has room
  • longer stroke
  • full recline, 2 leg positions
  • rain cover, thin fabric leg cover and dust bag included (again great for air travel)
  • design
  • tackles a light dirt road just fine
  • nice design
  • it is not possible to position the handlebar for parents
  • a little less maneuverable
  • slightly higher price

Very compact and lightweight buggy, which have travelled a lot with us by plane and have been on all our holidays. In one movement it can be folded into a very small size. Ideal for travelling by plane, where it was definitely the most compact stroller and was a great helper on all our holidays. The stroller is quite roomy, no "rattle", it went with us through even light dirt roads. Of course it is not for big terrain, but even on broken pavements and light dirt roads, we managed to walk with it just fine.

Quite spacious, the 3-year-old still rides in it sometimes. The frame seems to be sturdy even after a year of use (although not daily, rather occasional). After more than a year of frequent use it shows almost no signs of damage.

The disadvantage is slightly worse handling under load, but this is practically the case with all buggies according to my experience.

Extremely uncomfortable


The stroller is extremely uncomfortable. The back of it is bumpy, so the child keeps taking a rather unhealthy position to try to avoid the lower back bumpy part. Once your baby wakes up, you cannot pull the seat up; the back strap that regulates the position is highly impractical. You need at least two people to sit the baby up. Front straps keep falling apart. The upper back part keeps falling down, making the stroller look messy. I tried contacting the producer, mr. MAURO, and he was quite rude and unhelpful.

I would strongly advise anyone looking for a comfortable stroller to keep looking.

  • Lightweight
  • One-hand fold
  • Compact size after folding
  • Travel bag and handle to carry the stroller
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Spacious
  • Large canopy
  • Mesh parts - perfect during the summer
  • Small foam wheels
  • No peek-a-boo window
  • Extendable part of the canopy is made out of mesh
  • When the baby is napping, it is only possible to walk slowly - otherwise, the front wheels rattle!

At the first glance, I fell in love with this stroller - first because of its compactness, low weight, and the large space for the child. However, it disappointed me in one huge disadvantage I couldn't get over...

It's primarily a travel buggy - very compact, lightweight, and with a travel bag and a pull-out handle thanks to which it can be pulled behind you like a suitcase. Also, the one-hand fold is a big plus. It is easy to maneuver, and materials are well-made. The foam wheels are small - but those looking for a travel stroller would most probably not use it in a forest 😃 The shopping basket is also acceptable for a travel stroller, and it can be enlarged by tilting the rear part outwards.

The seat/laying surface is the longest I have found in this type of a stroller. The backrest can be adjusted - and the leg rest as well. The canopy is large, while extended it can almost reach the bumper bar. Nevertheless, the extension is made out of mesh, so it does not protect from the sun that much. I was also missing a proper peek-a-boo window in the canopy. Mesh parts at the back and on the sides of the canopy are a huge advantage in the summer.

And now the unpleasant surprise - when the kid is in the laying position, the center of gravity moves backward, and while walking fast (e.g. downhill), the front wheels are moving from side to side, and they rattle a lot. This is very annoying, and it even becomes difficult to control the stroller because of that. When I locked the front wheels, it helped a bit, but it was still very noisy, and it was driving me crazy... I don't know if I only had a faulty piece, but after this experience, I decided to sell the stroller.

We only used it in summer, on a vacation. Upright sitting-wise, was alright - but yeah, it is not a right angle, which I was actually glad for, since my daughter likes to have some space in front of her. And I was mostly happy with it, it did all I expected of it... even a bit of forest walk.

  • seat space
  • large canopy
  • design and details (like the metal rim on the canopy or the wheel spokes)
  • ventilation (in the canopy, rear part, sides) is perfect for hot weather
  • integrated anti-wind apron
  • easy and really compact folding
  • handle to pull the stroller behind you
  • extending basket
  • there is some suspension
  • dual front wheels
  • not the best handle height for very tall dads - and so the rear axle getting in the way of their steps isn't
  • canopy only extends with a mesh panel, which is not so great in colder weather (when you need it to be closed)
  • the mesh in the canopy may get danaged, if you're not careful enough while opening/closing the zipper
  • because of the compact folding, the backrest is divided in half - not sturdy as much
  • wheels do get worn out after some time, but it's nothing terrible
  • puzzle system of the buckle
  • bumper bar needs to be removed completely - no folding it down the side

For that price, a really nice urban/travel buggy. Looks good and provides enough space (long lying surface). Perfect mainly in summer, when you'll appreciate the extra amount of ventilation mesh. Watch out for the handlebar height as well as how you step, because it's not the best for tall parents.

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