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B.ittersweet says:
"They didn't let us take it on board the plane there or back."
and gives the Cam Compass

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  • Compactness
  • One-handed folding
  • Pull-out bar
  • Extended hood
  • Large sleeping area
  • Controllability, or rather uncontrollability
  • Positioning of the feet
  • Sitting position - the child slides down
  • Wheel caps - instantly lost, not holding

We bought the stroller mainly for holiday and the compact fold. This expectation was met, excellent is the pull-out bar, which can be used for t'pulling it behind you like a suitcase. Unfortunately, they didn't let us take it on board the plane there or back.

Excellent for a baby nap, it's a spacious stroller. Not so good for sitting, the baby literally slides down, held mostly by the seat belt. I just ran around the stroller and fixed my little one.

One of the sturdier chassis, went through everything on vacation, folding the hood all the way down is also great. Folds down just fine with one hand. Basket under the stroller roomy.

Unfortunately I give half of the points off for one of the main things - maneuverability. We didn't notice it in the shop. I thought we had a defective piece. We don't. I had a chance to try the same stroller and the other mom "huffs" while pushing it, too. When the stroller is loaded, it's like driving a tank. The front swivel wheels do as they please, I have to exert force when trying to turn, absolutely uncontrollable with one hand.

The stroller is also taller - when driving where the road is slightly downhill to the right or left, I literally hold the stroller with force to keep it from tipping over.

I did accidentally discover one other flaw, and that is the positioning of the feet. The legs don't reach the plastic support at the bottom, it's just impossible.

Our stroller got scraped at the airport, if it was okay I would go try to return it.

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