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  • Looks stylish
  • Easy to fold
  • Maneuverable
  • Spacious basket
  • Reversible seat
  • Long handlebar for tall people
  • Tyre pump included
  • Huge sunshade
  • Very wide
  • Build quality feels flimsy
  • All-terrain abilities lacking
  • Cork handle not my taste
  • Fabrics feel tacky
  • Seat does not go fully upright

When I bought this, I was looking a stroller with good terrain capabilities, as we get a lot of snow and ice in the winter. I also wanted something easy to manoeuvre, with a rear-facing seat so I could see my baby. On the latter points, this stroller performed perfectly.

It is a little heavy, but it folds and unfolds very easily compared with other models I have tried. However, the terrain abilities are not as good as promised. The ride is very bumpy, even on relatively flat pavements, and it really struggled on compacted snow, nevermind deep, soft snow. I had previously tried the Indie and found it better in this regard, but the reversible seat was important to me, hence my choosing the Era.

Another minus point of the Era is that the chassis feels a little flimsy (the Indie was also better in this respect). The handlebar is quite thin and doesn't feel solid to push on, especially if you give it a good bounce as you might on bumpy terrain. When it comes to size, the Era is quite wide and, while it has a small turning circle, it is nevertheless bulky when navigating in shops. Another slight niggle is that the seat doesn't go fully upright, which my baby is not a fan of. All these aspects turned me off, and I ended up returning it.

A great compromise

  • Spacious (even my 4yo fits in)
  • Great to maneuver
  • Large basket + extra pocket
  • Weight capacity of up to 25 kg
  • Nice fold for how sturdy it is
  • Seat reversibility!
  • Flat recline
  • And that awesome cork handle- and bumper bar, so unique (and ecological)
  • Its look is more functional and stylish, but I don't mind that - just for those fashionista mums to know ;-)
  • It's a little heavy for me, but I am petite - and I guess it's the price of those all-terrain abilities
  • Not cheap - and all the accessories have to be bought separately :-/

Perfect for adventurous parents often going off-road, but also strolling in the city. It's a good compromise of all the necessary features while being sturdy and comfortable for the child as well.

  • spacious
  • long leg rest (this is actually so rare)
  • reversible seat
  • high-quality
  • wonderful push
  • quality finish and details (there's even cork on the zippers!)
  • tire pump in its own rear pocket included
  • weight - but for what it is, it's actually very much alright
  • air-filled wheels need pumping up from time to time, and you can get a puncture
  • I don't like the fabric cover on the bumper bar, because it gets dirty easily (even though you can wash it, it's a bit of a bother)
  • the fabrics are easy to wipe clean, but they're also kind of slippery
  • the canopy could extend by one extra panel (there's only a pull-out sun visor)
  • center of gravity is a little worse when the seat is in the rear-facing position

I love the sturdy feel and the cork-covered handlebar. Everything feels high-quality, there's enough space for the child as well as for storage, and the fold is not as bulky as I imagined at all (the wheels do take up some more space than I would have liked, but you can remove them easily). And we can pass through pretty much everything, the push is wonderful! I think so many parents were waiting for a reversible Bumbleride stroller - finally, here it is!

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