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This is the best stroller

  • low weight
  • driveability
  • space in the bassinet/seat
  • design
  • found nothing

Mr. stroller for us. This is the best stroller, and I have tried driving many stroller, even with those of my girlfriends...

  • Large front wheels
  • Super light
  • I got nothing... ;)

Absolutely perfect for the mountains as well as around town, even in our garden, it works...

Wish it had a one hand fold

  • Love how light it is to lift into a 4wd!
  • Very easy to push
  • Very easy to work- everything white has a function
  • The extra-large fold-out hood is excellent for sunny old Australia!!
  • Wish it had a one hand fold

Light to lift in the car.

So stylish and lightweight

  • stylish
  • lightweight
  • bulky fold
  • not a one-hand fold

I love it. So stylish and lightweight. Just bulky after folding, and the fold is not one handed.

I am a short mum (under 160 cm), and it feels like pushing a tractor. But it's not a fault of the stroller; it's just a bad fit. The design and quality are, anyway, really nice. The price is a bit too much, but for those being ok with that, a quality stroller with a luxury factor in it.

  • design
  • driveability
  • canopy
  • viewing window
  • handlebar - well made and with a wider range of heights than the Uppababy Vista has - so I am ok, and my tall hubby is ok with it as well
  • sibling board (w/seat) available
  • bulky fold
  • price
  • no individual leg rest adjustment

They say you can fold it even with the bassinet attached. Well, you can, but the package is really bulky, so I don't recommend doing that. The handlebar with plastics protruding to protect the PU leather handle is a nice small touch. I am welcoming the large peek-a-boo window that BGB finally added on the canopies, hooray! The driveability is great, and the overall quality of the stroller is also nice and visible. I would only make the fold easier (one-handed) and more compact, other than that, all is working well with me.

  • Large carrycot
  • Easy maneuvering
  • All-terrain

We started using it immediately after being released from the hospital. My DS was 2 weeks old at that time. I appreciate its capability to go through any terrain. The maneuvering is excellent, even with one hand.

  • Stylish
  • Good to push
  • High-quality
  • Perfect hood
  • Nice resale value for later
  • Spacious bassinet
  • Various accessories to choose from
  • Big when folded, takes up the whole boot
  • No one-hand folding
  • Not spacious enough for an older toddler (the seat could be larger)
  • Not that all-terrain as one would think
  • Everything is expensive, and much of it sold separately

Nice, but a bit expensive system where you need to buy a lot of things separately. If it's ok for your budget and your boot is large, it's a modern-mum must-have starter option.

Very very expensive. Not as all-terrain. I liked the Buffalo I owned with my first much more. But it's a Bugaboo. Not bad, obviously.

I love everything about it, maybe except for the not-as-compact fold. Fully recommending it.

Great versatility

  • design
  • versatility
  • canopy
  • seat space and type
  • price
  • I find it still kinda large after folding

Super expensive, but you get a quality worth the price. Loving the canopy. Great versatility.

Fox is just the best! And the second edition hood is simply awesome!!! I like the fold, but it wasn't bad before either.

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