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Can not find a smoother ride

  • Very comfortable in both carrycot and seat mode. Both my children have been happy in it. The seat unit is bigger and will last until the child is 3 (or even 4 with my first child!)
  • Fabrics can be easily replaced at minimal cost.
  • Tried lots of prams and none come close to it’s one-hand 360 deg turn manoeuvrability
  • Fits in a standard boot (May just have to take parcel shelf off in smaller cars)
  • Can fit a weekly shop in the basket which can then be unclipped and carried into house with no need or plastic bags!! Massive plus for me
  • Wheels can be easily clipped off for washing (and storing if have a small car)
  • Fabrics are durable (avoid black or navy as these fade more)
  • Much smaller than the Fox so easier to travel with and store but seat unit no different in size for child
  • Lasts forever and can easily buy replacement parts. I am still using a 2006 model and it is perfect!
  • Reversible handlebar is great for pulling up to a table for child to eat without having to use a high chair
  • Seat unit can be lifted off with child in it and can be used as a chair on the floor (e.g. picnics)
  • Can buy new fabrics and update an old model to look like new
  • Can add handle covers for a more stylish look
  • High quality frame and parts that stand the test of time
  • Have to pivot up the front wheels when using on very bumpy terrain e.g woodlands. Prams that don’t have these wheels are not as easy to push on flat surfaces though so happy to accept this. The positives of the front smaller wheels outweigh the negative for the fewer times it is used on bumpy terrain
  • The suspension holds well on very bumpy terrain though

Brilliant pram and stroller that my children have both loved. Can not find a smoother ride.

  • Bugaboo strollers come with a wide range of accessories to choose from, so they're great to mix and match - canopies, liners, sunshades, ...
  • The extension canopy covers almost the entire stroller
  • Large storage basket
  • Rotates in both directions
  • Tilting, reversible handle (great in case you need to turn the stroller "quickly" because of the sun, for example)
  • No wear and tear on the large rear wheels even after a long time
  • Front wheels can be swapped for terrain wheels
  • Removable belly bar
  • Relatively easy to handle
  • Covers fade quickly
  • Wear is quickly visible on the front wheels (stones stuck right after the first ride...)
  • It doesn't have an adjustable leg rest, which is a bit missing with smaller children
  • Does not fold up in one piece
  • The all-terrain wheels do not swivel
  • The frame is not sturdy enough
  • Size of the seat not suitable for the whole strolling period

We had the Bugaboo Cameleon 2 as a "second" stroller, and overall I rate it as a good stroller, suitable for the city.

As the frame is not stable enough (I can also compare with other strollers), the terrain is a bit harder to tackle.

The great thing about Bugaboo strollers is that they can be assembled "down to the last screw", so the owner can combine it according to his own ideas.

Because the seat is a bucket-shaped seat, it is smaller and not suitable for the whole strolling days' perios.

The biggest downside to this stroller is the fabrics which fade really quickly.

Despite the few cons we discovered during use, we really enjoyed strolling with this stroller :)

A pretty, handy stroller for the city as well as for the countryside. My daughter really loves the anatomical seat and the extendable hood. She really liked to ride in it :-).

  • Cool swapping of the canopy and fabric, mix&match
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Good center of gravity even with a smaller child
  • A problem with accessing the basket when the bassinet is on
  • Front wheels (the larger, fixed winter wheels are better)

I was happy with it, it was my second pram. Summer, winter, it never disappointed...

Truly lasts

  • a luxury pram
  • that lasts
  • large bassinet
  • design
  • small front wheels
  • wheels will show wear over time
  • not the best kerb popping
  • hard to access basket, with the bassinet even more so

It truly lasts. There are multiple negatives and the front wheels do show signs of wear, but it's a nice - and luxury - pram worth buying pre-loved.

  • long-lasting
  • a good push
  • a great design
  • renewable, repairable (with parts)
  • folding and folded size

Happy with the pram. We used it with all of our three children. I ended up changing a few parts (I found an old Bugaboo Frog for sale and got it for parts), and it still works so well. I can recommend it to any city mum.

If I were to change something... it would just be the fold. Not the smoothest, and it's two pieces meaning most of my trunk taken up by the Cam. Anyhow, I don't really fold it that often, so I can't say I mind as much. Longevity is, in any case, 🔝.

  • design
  • wobbly frame
  • small, noisy front wheels
  • cumbersome fold
  • basket inaccessible with the carrycot
  • low-positioned carrycot (probably the seat will be as well)
  • bad reversed-handle push experience

We got it second-hand. I was delighted to own a Bugaboo, but it was probably too old, IDK. But the frame feels wobbly and doesn't work as smoothly. The folding feels cumbersome. I am unable to get to the basket with the carrycot. The carrycot is almost at the knee level of my husband. And the reversed-handle push is simply bad. I can't recommend it, even if I love the design.

  • looks
  • sellability
  • spacious carrycot (and seat)
  • driveability
  • low-positioned seat
  • inaccessible basket (mainly with the carrycot)
  • small front wheels
  • not-so-useful reversing of the handlebar

It doesn't push/lift up curbs so smoothly for me. I also am not so fond of the seat height as I am rather tall. I thought of how the reversing of the handle is useful but don't use it almost at all - it is hard to push like that anyway. And you can't really access the basket when using the carrycot.

On the plus side, the carrycot is very spacious and looks great. The canopy is also nice, and I believe I'll be selling the pram still after we don't need it anymore. But with my next kid, I'll get the Fox for sure.

Just perfect

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Doesn’t take too much space in the car

This stroller really is just perfect.

We enjoy it very much

  • Reversible seat
  • Lightweight
  • Large canopy
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Amortization (suspension)
  • You have to get used to folding

We enjoy it very much - running, forest walks, seaside! My advice is to buy larger tires.

Good as an urban stroller

  • Lightweight
  • Large shopping basket
  • Easy manipulation
  • Reversible carrycot, seat unit
  • Smaller front wheels

My opinion - it’s good, but only (or mostly) as an urban stroller. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. Large shopping basket for all the bits and pieces, and a super-extending canopy.

A perfect stroller


It’s a perfect stroller. I am very satisfied.

  • driveability
  • manipulation
  • comfort for the baby
  • spacious bassinet
  • the folding has a knack to it that you need to get used to

A very nice urban pushchair. I don't recommend it for any terrain, though.

I bought it as a secondary stroller mainly because of the seat unit (after we already didn’t need the carrycot part). The bucket seat has an important advantage - the baby does not yet have to sit by itself, yet he or she has a nice view of the world.

The biggest advantage to me was the reversible handlebar, as my daughter hates it when her sun shines in her eyes. It was more convenient to change the direction of the handle than the entire seat part.

After some time, I replaced it - for these following reasons:
- bucket-type seating - I bought it because of it, but my daughter eventually ended up not fitting in the little space under her bum and hunched in the seat slightly
- compactness - it’s absolutely not a compact stroller -it occupies quite a large portion of the car boot
- folding - it cannot be folded with one hand
- construction - due to reversible handlebar, the chassis is “wobbly” after some time, the handlebar develops give and moves up and down

  • Canopy size
  • Basket size
  • Folding gets stuck
  • Fabrics fade
  • Small front wheels
  • Price
  • Size

Only the chassis is lightweight, the whole of the stroller is heavier than other models. The fold is complicated; you need both of your hands. It takes up a lot of space even after folding since you have to have the chassis and the seat separately - our whole car boot (it's a Combi) was full. The push was nice, but after a few weeks, the front wheels started to get stuck, and I am not even talking about their bad-looking surface. For such an overpriced model, I don't recommend buying a new one. Much better to buy a used one. I dreamed about it for so long, and everybody loves it so much, but for me, it was just a big disappointment. And it fades out just as much - if not more - than much cheaper strollers.

  • Light
  • It's easy-peasy, pushing it
  • We could go through terrain with it
  • Takes up a lot of load
  • Large basket
  • It's possible to alter its look by changing for other colors/styles
  • Spacious carrycot, and seat unit as well
  • Its price - but it's actually a bargain (for what it is) 💙

The best stroller up until now - and we owned 12 strollers in the 5 years we have kids. I hesitated a long time before buying it, not knowing if I should, but I don't regret it 💕

Easy to push and compact

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Beautiful design
  • Bad access to the basket space
  • Front wheels not much for worse terrain

I had it with my son, and we were happy with it. Easy to push and compact. For us, simply great.

  • the sibling board accessory has a seat option
  • terrain-capable
  • beautiful design
  • the bassinet is spacious enough even for those big babies
  • price

The best pram we have tried. The design catches up everyone's eye, inviting them to look inside. Those sturdy wheels go through any terrain. The bassinet is spacious, even for larger babies. And there's an option for a sibling board with a seat.

  • basket and hood size
  • reversible handlebar as well as the seat unit
  • manipulation and push
  • bucket form of seat unit
  • fading of the fabrics
  • complicated fold
  • bulkiness
  • price of the stroller as well as of the accessories
  • the producer doesn’t allow putting bags on the handlebar
  • bucket form of seat unit

For me, a disappointment. All advantages are overshadowed by a huge disadvantage of not being compact, folding system and fading of the fabrics in the sun. It takes a lot of space - at home as well as in the car (my huge trunk is filled both width- and length-wise). The hood, the seat unit, and the shopping basket faded after only one summer (summer hood turn yellow on the inside 😨). Folding is very impractical - after a while, you have to press the buttons several times to even be able to start folding, and then you still need to use force and press it down to the ground firmly to complete the fold and click it in the place. Summer hoods, allowing the air flow through, are nice; but the sun then shines through the mesh right on the baby, which not every baby is ok with.

As far as advantages go - the stroller pushes easily and smoothly (almost by itself) - even though the front wheels get stuck into every hole in the ground. Big basket is a good thing. Also big hoods - even not completely extended is still long enough. The bucket form of seating will either fit your baby or not - my kid started to be bothered by it after six months.

To sum up: this stroller will be appreciated by urban moms who don’t need to fold and load it in the car often. A pretty thing - but not much in terms of functionality, if you take its price into account.

It's pretty, but that's about it :-)

  • easy to change its look
  • the carrycot is low, which was great when we put it in our garden to sleep, and I could see the baby even when sitting
  • nice resale value
  • great service that you can find everywhere around
  • easy to find spare parts
  • those front wheels are a punishment to use
  • the handle has quite a lot of give because of the flip-over mechanism

We used it through one summer, and I would not buy it again. It's pretty, but that's about it :-)

  • Compact
  • Driveable with one hand
  • Reclinable seat
  • Not suitable for taller moms and dads
  • The carrycot is really very close to the ground

I do like it, but I will opt for something else next time...

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to push
  • Other hoods to choose from
  • Handlebar flips over
  • A really pretty look
  • Easy to fold
  • Badly designed basket with really bad access when you are using the carrycot
  • You can't load much in the basket
  • No leg rest adjustment
  • Price

The stroller is very light and easy to maneuver. The carrycot part is spacious, but with it, the basket is hard to access - and it also doesn't take any significant load well. The seat unit is a catastrophe - I have to have it in the second/in-between position; otherwise, my daughter is hanging in it. I probably would buy it again - but ONLY with the carrycot.

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