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Fox-y says:
"It doesn't push/lift up curbs so smoothly for me"
and gives the Bugaboo Cameleon 2 (Cameleon+)

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  • looks
  • sellability
  • spacious carrycot (and seat)
  • driveability
  • low-positioned seat
  • inaccessible basket (mainly with the carrycot)
  • small front wheels
  • not-so-useful reversing of the handlebar

It doesn't push/lift up curbs so smoothly for me. I also am not so fond of the seat height as I am rather tall. I thought of how the reversing of the handle is useful but don't use it almost at all - it is hard to push like that anyway. And you can't really access the basket when using the carrycot.

On the plus side, the carrycot is very spacious and looks great. The canopy is also nice, and I believe I'll be selling the pram still after we don't need it anymore. But with my next kid, I'll get the Fox for sure.

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