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ruby says:
"A pretty thing - but not much in terms of functionality, if you take its price into account"
and gives the Bugaboo Cameleon 2 (Cameleon+)

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  • basket and hood size
  • reversible handlebar as well as the seat unit
  • manipulation and push
  • bucket form of seat unit
  • fading of the fabrics
  • complicated fold
  • bulkiness
  • price of the stroller as well as of the accessories
  • the producer doesn’t allow putting bags on the handlebar
  • bucket form of seat unit

For me, a disappointment. All advantages are overshadowed by a huge disadvantage of not being compact, folding system and fading of the fabrics in the sun. It takes a lot of space - at home as well as in the car (my huge trunk is filled both width- and length-wise). The hood, the seat unit, and the shopping basket faded after only one summer (summer hood turn yellow on the inside 😨). Folding is very impractical - after a while, you have to press the buttons several times to even be able to start folding, and then you still need to use force and press it down to the ground firmly to complete the fold and click it in the place. Summer hoods, allowing the air flow through, are nice; but the sun then shines through the mesh right on the baby, which not every baby is ok with.

As far as advantages go - the stroller pushes easily and smoothly (almost by itself) - even though the front wheels get stuck into every hole in the ground. Big basket is a good thing. Also big hoods - even not completely extended is still long enough. The bucket form of seating will either fit your baby or not - my kid started to be bothered by it after six months.

To sum up: this stroller will be appreciated by urban moms who don’t need to fold and load it in the car often. A pretty thing - but not much in terms of functionality, if you take its price into account.

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