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alex says:
"The biggest advantage to me was the reversible handlebar"
and gives the Bugaboo Cameleon 2 (Cameleon+)

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I bought it as a secondary stroller mainly because of the seat unit (after we already didn’t need the carrycot part). The bucket seat has an important advantage - the baby does not yet have to sit by itself, yet he or she has a nice view of the world.

The biggest advantage to me was the reversible handlebar, as my daughter hates it when her sun shines in her eyes. It was more convenient to change the direction of the handle than the entire seat part.

After some time, I replaced it - for these following reasons:
- bucket-type seating - I bought it because of it, but my daughter eventually ended up not fitting in the little space under her bum and hunched in the seat slightly
- compactness - it’s absolutely not a compact stroller -it occupies quite a large portion of the car boot
- folding - it cannot be folded with one hand
- construction - due to reversible handlebar, the chassis is “wobbly” after some time, the handlebar develops give and moves up and down

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