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ivet_m says:
"A really luxurious stroller"
and gives the Britax Smile 2

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A really luxurious stroller

  • high handle - we are both tall (husband 193 cm) and I refuse to slouch with the stroller
  • raised rear axle, I don't kick it when taking a long step and I don't damage my shoes
  • small pocket on the seat for keys and mobile phone
  • swivel and reclining seat on the pushchair mode
  • the backrest can be raised to a full sitting position (no more half-sitting)
  • a giant hood that covers the whole baby (I don't have to deal with any additional shades or umbrellas)
  • the seat is higher, for better eye contact with the baby
  • a giant basket with a large carrying capacity of 7 kg (with three children this is a must)
  • inflatable wheels (we often go off-road)
  • lightweight - 13 kg
  • folds easily and takes up little space in the boot of the car
  • no adapters for the car seat (when it is also from Britax)
  • high quality
  • great driving characteristics
  • reflective elements
  • amazing foot brake
  • I have a problem with the bassinet that I have to use both hands to fold the canopy; fortunately the bassinet is only used for a while, but maybe my husband doesn't mind at all
  • it doesn't have a handbrake, but I think that's too much to ask for
  • it doesn't go to full recline, I mean it's not 100% flat, but babies are supposed to have their heads higher than their legs anyway, so I don't see it as a total disadvantage

I bought the stroller for my third child, so I already knew exactly what I wanted. I chose carefully for almost 2 months and chose a really luxurious stroller.

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