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Easy to handle and cushioned

  • Spacious
  • Large storage space (10kg)
  • Gel wheels
  • Solid chassis
  • Easy handling
  • Goes over difficult terrain without problems
  • Slightly larger chassis size, but again more comfort for the child

A wonderful spacious stroller! I have it in a three-in-one set and it is really true that the baby will have plenty of space. For a great advantage I consider the storage space! It can carry even a large purchase (10kg). The gel wheels are also great!

The bassinet is positioned higher, which is a great advantage, because you don't have to bend down to the baby. The stroller is easy to handle and cushioned.

I am very satisfied with it. I don't even mind the weight - even though I have a small car, I can fit it in just fine. I can fit the cot too, but nothing more 😀 But otherwise great satisfaction.

We haven't used the seat part yet, but I'm really looking forward to it, so hopefully it won't disappoint.

I wouldn't want another stroller

  • truly all terrain
  • rocking
  • large front wheels
  • spacious enough
  • the seat fits in a smaller car boot
  • quite heavy - if there is a lift it doesn't matter, but since we don't have one 👎
  • what really bothers me is that it squeaks
  • the seat can't be put in a full upright sitting position - I'm thinking of upgrading it, padding it with a cushion or buying another stroller, as we have a very curious baby...

I have more negatives, but in the end I am very satisfied with it. I wouldn't want another stroller.

  • Large
  • Roomy
  • Lie-flat seat unit
  • Durable wheels
  • Easy folding system
  • Quality materials

I have nothing to complain about. The best choice we could have made. We're both tall, we live in a place where the terrain is bad. The stroller is durable, the wheels are quiet, we go everywhere with it 🙂

  • For different kinds of terrain
  • Weight limit
  • Canopy length
  • Basket carrying capacity
  • Weight

The stroller is great, both for the terrain and the city. The only minus for me is the weight, because it's harder to load and unload from the car (I don't care that it's big, as it has to handle different terrains). For us, so far, great satisfaction.

I can't rate the full-featured bassinet. We chose the variant of the seat part with a soft portable cot (it's nice even on a visit, the stroller can stay outside and we take only the cot by the handles and carry inside with our little one). Also - the canopy is much larger on the seat unit, so neither sun nor wind is a problem at all. So I definitely wouldn't change it for something else.

  • big wheels
  • high
  • comfortable handle
  • easy to fold but not foldable
  • pocket in carrycot
  • shopping basket
  • expensive
  • too heavy
  • badly folded into the car (combi)
  • bulky, does not fit in the trunk of a car with a carrycot
  • wheels cannot be controlled in the forest terrain, only on modified, better roads
  • very wide, unsuitable for the city, clumsy
  • does not go through most of the front doors of shops and offices
  • does not fit in some elevators
  • positioning of the pushchair version is inconvenient
  • cannot be put to a complete sit position (not upright)
  • the roof is wide to the sides, the child cannot see to the side through it
  • the carrycot is impractically designed
  • Cannot be operated with one hand

I really want this stroller, I’d loved it before I was pregnant, so I didn’t listen the negative critics from others. These days I'd definitely choose something different, especially not such a heavy piece. We must buy a bigger car, cause the stroller can not fit in it. Maybe next time I’ll choose something better :-)

The seat unit was too large for us

  • Great for our bad pavements
  • Large carrycot, our princess was in it for 8 months
  • Large storage basket
  • The seat unit was too large for us - my daughter didn't want to sit inside, she was completely lost in it

We were very happy with the pram - until the moment we had to pass to the seat unit mode.

I love the folding system

  • large
  • roomy
  • compact
  • none for us

A superby roomy pram, with a great suspension. STill, lightenough and very nicely compact after folding - I love the folding system.

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