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Viv says:
"We must buy a bigger car, cause the stroller can not fit in it"
and gives the Britax Go Big2

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  • big wheels
  • high
  • comfortable handle
  • easy to fold but not foldable
  • pocket in carrycot
  • shopping basket
  • expensive
  • too heavy
  • badly folded into the car (combi)
  • bulky, does not fit in the trunk of a car with a carrycot
  • wheels cannot be controlled in the forest terrain, only on modified, better roads
  • very wide, unsuitable for the city, clumsy
  • does not go through most of the front doors of shops and offices
  • does not fit in some elevators
  • positioning of the pushchair version is inconvenient
  • cannot be put to a complete sit position (not upright)
  • the roof is wide to the sides, the child cannot see to the side through it
  • the carrycot is impractically designed
  • Cannot be operated with one hand

I really want this stroller, I’d loved it before I was pregnant, so I didn’t listen the negative critics from others. These days I'd definitely choose something different, especially not such a heavy piece. We must buy a bigger car, cause the stroller can not fit in it. Maybe next time I’ll choose something better :-)

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