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More for walking around the city

  • Window in the hood
  • In the case of extending the hood, there's ventilation mesh on the sides
  • Handling of the backrest
  • Eco leather handle
  • Front wheels are rattling
  • Can't even handle lighter terrain

A stroller more for walking around the city... I don't recommend it for the village. The front wheels rattle, it's harder to get out on the pavement.

The disappointment for me was the suspension

  • Lightweight
  • Compact, takes up relatively little space
  • Handles well with 1 hand
  • Easy to fold
  • Handles classic terrains such as grass, gravel, broken trails
  • Spacious, also suitable for sleeping
  • Lie-flat positioning
  • Extended canopy
  • Fairly large shopping basket
  • Leatherette handle and handle = oomph
  • Rain cover and water bottle included
  • Front wheels rattle
  • Mechanical suspension only meaning it is not sprung
  • Harder to climb curbs

We bought the Britax B-Agile R as a second stroller to our original 3ni1 stroller system. We wanted a compact stroller under 250 EUR for traveling - we go up and down the country, do a lot of road trips, and I didn't want the stroller to take up my entire suitcase.

So we measured carefully; the stroller fits nicely in half of the trunk and the other half can fit 2 other large travel bags, a small suitcase, and we can even fit a scooter, bike seat, and hiking carrier on top. So in that respect it hasn't disappointed at all, although of course there are more compact strollers out there.

I was resigned to the fact that it's a tougher urban stroller, but it can handle grass, gravel, pebble paths, our broken sidewalks, even tile sidewalks. Of course, with such terrain you have to reckon with the fact that the front wheels can be heard, they rattle. I solved it a bit by putting rubber rings on there, although you can still hear it - but not so much that I'm ashamed :)

The stroller is good, easy to handle, folds well. It's lightweight, I have no problem carrying and carrying it.

I very much welcome the extended canopy that goes up to the handle. There are mesh parts on the sides, some people may not like that - I like the air flowing inside.

It is spacious; my 1.5 year old daughter often sleeps in it. I reckon the size and of course the carrying capacity will definitely last up to 3 years, even longer.

The rain cover is also well designed - if you want to keep the window open, there's a velcro to hold it up. Maybe it's a small thing, but I was pleasantly surprised, it's not on my 1st stroller and I miss it quite a bit.

The basket is quite roomy, I didn't buy a changing bag.

The disappointment for me was the suspension. It says it is sprung, but mechanical suspension = no suspension for me. But anyone who is more familiar with strollers won't be surprised. This makes it harder to go out on the curb (compared to more sprung strollers).

The leatherette handle and carry handle give it a touch of coolness.

For me, it's a good roomy stroller with good rubber wheels but lacking suspension. It meets our needs - I've even grown so fond of it that we don't just carry it as a travel stroller, but also on a regular basis for walks or into town. In fact, I don't even use the 1st stroller anymore.

  • Only the fabric looks good
  • And the model is slim and sleek
  • It’s a heavy one
  • Hard to turn left or right
  • The stroller always goes to sleep position after unfolding
  • No pockets
  • The under basket is small too
  • The brake system is a disaster - if you don’t have strong shoes it’s hard to pull it up

The stroller is not easy to use, we have to put a lot of force on the push bar to go forward or to turn left or right. Forget about uphill. It is quite heavy and it’s not so easy to unfold either. The front wheels' swivel function stopped working within 6 months of purchase, the front wheels are small so not suitable for the country side. Lifting the break is a tough task too.

Overall quite happy with it

  • Light
  • Compact
  • No suspension

I am overall quite happy with it 🙂

Happy with it overall


It's not as lightweight as I hoped, but it's quite sturdy at least. It does, however, feel a bit heavier than it is while pushing, so the push is not as smooth I'm guessing (or it may be the center of gravity that doesn't fit me 100%.

The assembly was easy. It’s a doddle to fold, and it takes up very little space in my car boot. Basket is large enough. I do mind those ventilation sides - what wioth it in winter?! And the (small) brake is not flip-flot, or large dad-shoe friendly, since you have to kick it from the bottom to release it. Laat thing, the handle doesn't adjust, so if you're tall, you'll find yourself crouching a bit while pushing.

Anyway... happy with it overall.

  • nice folding
  • spacious
  • good-looking
  • stylish wheels
  • canopy
  • the backrest is always reclined when I unfold the stroller
  • \stiff\" suspension"
  • it doesn't go up curbs that easily

Overall, I am not the biggest fan of its driveability, but it's a stylish urban model that you can and will use until the end of stroller days.

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