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Bryan White and Joseph Hei established the Orbit Baby brand in 2004 in sunny California. The brand became popular for the unique design of their strollers and car seat as well as for their focus on a positive environmental impact. Orbit Baby products are presented as clean, without the use of the dangerous flame-retardants. A high-end look, simple and hassle-free functionality, distinctive shape of the bucket seat unit as well as of the car seat, variability and possibility to customize the stroller attracted many celebrity parents, which made the brand even more popular. One of the main advantages of Orbit baby strollers is the SmartHubTM - a unique, patented system of adding a carrycot, a seat unit or a car seat onto the chassis, allowing a full 360° rotation. This system can be found in the flagship G2, the newer G3, the tandem Double Helix in the second G2 as well as the G3 generation, and the O2 three-wheeler.

Until 2016, Orbit Baby was a part of Ergo Baby company, well-known for their ergonomic baby carriers, swaddling blanket, and other ergonomic products for mom and baby. Orbit Baby stopped production of new strollers after flame-retardants were detected in their products after all. Orbit Baby continues to offer customer service and parts for strollers they have sold in the past.