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Mee-go strollers

Mee-go, founded in 2012, is a British brand of nursery furniture, strollers, related accessories, car seats, and the Sit & Rides - sibling boards with a seat component and handlebar that can be attached to the chassis of most strollers. The son of the founder, who used to say ‘me-go’ instead of ‘I am going’ every time he wanted to go somewhere inspired the name of the brand. Mee-go is a relatively young brand, run by a product development team with over 35 combined years of experience in the field. Therefore, Mee-go strollers are often similar to other brands in some ways. Their design correlates with modern trends. Mee-go strollers are easy to use and ready for every situation. There is the robust, all-terrain Milano stroller system, the ultra-lightweight, reversible Feather, the super compact Trio or the high-end Kangaroo.

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