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Hesba strollers

The German company Hesba started manufacturing wicker baskets and doll prams after it was established in 1925 by Konrad HESselBAcherom (hence the name). Twenty-five years later, his son, Alfred Hesselbacher, fulfilled his father’s dream and began to manufacture prams for children. The first Hesba strollers were made in Upper Franconia (and still are nowadays), at the beginning using wood and wicker craft.

Over the years, a need for lighter and more practical stroller solution emerged, and Hesba strollers were modernized - but their traditional look, functionality, and a rocking suspension stayed. Since April 2016, Patricia Hesselbacher, the company founder’s youngest granddaughter and Alfred Hesselbacher’s daughter, has taken over the management of the family business. The company employs 20 people nowadays. The trademark of the Hesba company is still a horse symbolizing elegance, reliability, power, and dynamics.