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LeFox says:
"It's a beast, and worth what we paid for it"
and gives the BOB Revolution PRO

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  • It's the only stroller you'll ever need with the exception of possibly a small travel stroller when the beast isn't practical
  • It's sturdy and will last from a few months old until your child outgrows the stroller completely - probably well past 4 years old if needed
  • Great for tall kids and tall OR short parents
  • Huge basket underneath- we regularly loaded it up from the farmer's market
  • Sunshade is huge
  • Full recline
  • Tons of room
  • Hand brake is useful for helping navigate slopes or hills. (We live on a hill, so we used this every day!)
  • Always a smooth ride and easy to maneuver, regardless of terrain
  • Still in good shape after several years, meaning someone else can use it after us!
  • It's bulky and heavy. You really do need to be strong enough to handle it if you're going to have to load/unload it or maneuver hills regularly. Something to consider.
  • Folding and unfolding were a bit of a beast sometimes. It seems like it needed to be repaired at some point because the mechanism that helped the stroller fold was jammed. It is very likely that it got smashed at some point (ie., user error)

We bought this stroller from a few months old and we loved it, and our kid loved it. This stroller is ideal for quality, comfort, sturdiness. We took him everywhere in it and everyone was happy. It's a beast, and worth what we paid for it.

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