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Sturdy chassis and a large carrycot

  • Large, spacious carrycot
  • Extended canopy
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Wheels
  • None so far

Great stroller - sturdy chassis and a large carrycot! So far I have had only good experiences with it. I would choose it again!

  • good price
  • nice design
  • large carrycot
  • a lot of punctures
  • after a few months squeaky, unstable
  • easily scratchable frame (scratches are very visible)
  • rather a city stroller on a smooth sidewalk - not suitable for the terrain (and bumpy sidewalk)

The pluses include a good price, a nice design, a large carrycot. To the minuses: a lot of punctures, after a couple of months a bent stroller frame, unstable, easily scratchable (scratches are very visible), and that it is rather a city stroller for riding on the flat pavement - for terrain (and bumpy sidewalks) unsuitable.

  • Price
  • Look
  • Impractical storage space
  • Wearing out bearings
  • Squeaks after time
  • Not exactly the best quality

The price/quality ratio of this stroller is pretty much OK. But I would not buy it again and would rather pay more for a better quality stroller.

The storage space is very small and, moreover, absolutely impractically designed. Putting purchases in it is sometimes an art you need to master. We have changed the bearings on the wheels at least 4 times and it still squeaks. We bought it for off-road use, but unfortunately it didn't cope well with that. It's all rickety - and the carrycot has been used for 6 months and the seat part for maybe 2 months, since we bought a new pushchair afterwards.

  • Laid back, pleasant design
  • Large and practical bag
  • Price
  • Poor suspension
  • Wheels get damaged over time
  • They were unwilling to accept the fault during the complaint (in the store), supposedly poor maintenance of the stroller (after less than a month of use)

The Bebetto stroller is an elegant accessory for every modern mom. It is practical, has a nice design and is quite easy to handle, and at a great price.

However, what I would criticize is definitely the worse suspension of the stroller under heavier load (baby, heavy bag) and the top cover, which is put over the legs and belongs to the basic equipment of the stroller, is not easy to attach. It is magnetic and in windy weather a pure disaster - it flies off and does not fit well.

Otherwise I recommend the stroller. We have the Bebetto Luca in a dark grey version. Design is stylish and it's nice stroller in which the baby feels comfortable.

Can handle harsher terrain

  • Can handle harsher terrain (forest roads and rocks)
  • Spacious carrycot and sitting part
  • Lockable wheels
  • Extended canopy
  • Removable bag underneath the stroller - with a washable cloth cover
  • Changing bag made of high quality material
  • Rain cover, leg cover, mosquito net, also apron for the bassinet, drink holder
  • The car seat that comes with the stroller - the handle feels as if it is about to break off under a heavier baby
  • The stroller's seat canopy fell down and didn't stay in place - my husband tightened the screws and everything is as it should be afterward

The stroller we bought was in a 3 in 1 system. It was bought in Poland for 1/3 of the price compared to the shop in our town, so even the journey of about 60 km was significantly worth it.

  • Sturdy
  • Nice to steer
  • The pushchair's hood is faded from the sun

I was happy with it. The pram went over every terrain, it is not at all rattly.

  • Small bassinet
  • Frame scratches quickly
  • Very small, badly designed, impractical storage space
  • Brake (after unbraking the stroller, the stroller has to be pushed towards you again before the wheels are unlocked)

I wouldn't buy it again. I chose the stroller because it was supposed to be able to handle any terrain, and I wanted a new stroller under 500 EUR. Today I know I should have looked around for a more expensive second hand pram rather than this. My daughter is 3 months old and I'm already looking for a new bassinet for her, as she won't fit in this one anymore. Carrying the stroller in the car is also a big problem, but that's to be expected since it's really large thus bulky. Moreover, I also liked the color combination I chose (which is not a negative of the stroller). Other shortcomings listed in the Cons.

Stable, well sprung pram

  • Spacious bassinet
  • Easy handling
  • Modern design
  • Extended canopy

A stable, well sprung pram. It is easy to handle, has a modern design, a large bassinet and a fantastic extended canopy.

Very happy about the bassinet

  • bassinet
  • accessories
  • large wheels
  • sleek look
  • value for money
  • seat unit is too bulky and less practical

Not the biggest fan of the seat - the pram is too bulky with it. Very happy about the bassinet. Nice look and accessories included.

  • Spacious
  • Affordable
  • Large carrycot
  • Beautiful design
  • Quality wheels
  • Chassis is not that high quality - it gets scratched super easily just by touching any little object
  • The seat unit version is not that pretty

A beautiful pram. Very affordable. Thea carrycot looks great. Just the chassis is not that great - just a little bump, and it gets scratched. I was expecting it would be better - and the same goes for the seat unit design. Other than that, a good stroller system.

An awesome travel system


It was fantastic. There were absolutely no downsides to the carrycot - even though, for my big little man, I would still like it to be 5 cm longer. We made it to his 5 months anyway :-) The seat unit is really spacious, but for me - I am tall - was too low on the chassis. I couldn't get into the basket with it! That's why I took 1 point from my rating. We got through any terrain - so, overall, an awesome travel system. 👍

No problems even in rougher terrain

  • length of the carrycot
  • all-terrain abilities
  • nothing

An excellent stroller system. Spacious, long carrycot, beautiful to look at. No problems even in rougher terrain.

Really a perfect choice


A great price-quality ratio. An excellent travel system. Compact, reversible, easy-to-remove wheels... Really a perfect choice. 😉 I recommend watching the youtube video.

Very good maneuverability

  • spacious bassinet
  • seat unit

A great travel system. Lightweight, but stable. Spacious for the child. Very good maneuverability.

  • Large bassinet
  • Spacious seat unit
  • Wide seat
  • Suspension
  • Air-filled tires

We had the Bebetto Luca S-line 2017. It was a very good stroller system, and we are keeping it for our second child. The bassinet was large enough; our daughter was in it for 7 months, and if there wasn't the need for a footmuff (because of winter), the bassinet would last even longer. The stroller configuration was also good; we used it for 5 months. If we didn't make trips every so often, I would still be using it 🙂But because of the bulky fold, we bought a lightweight stroller that is more compact and more easily.

  • price
  • large carrycot
  • suspension
  • spacious seat
  • extendable canopy (with both carrycot and seat)

An excellent stroller system. The carrycot lasted us four months, and it would be much longer, but our DD just wanted to sit and then let herself out of it. We are keeping it for our second baby 😊

A great price-performance ratio

  • handlebar goes very high, which is great for tall people like us (5'10\ - 178 cm
  • and 6'6\" - 198 cm)"
  • large carrycot
  • carry handle on the carrycot
  • all-terrain chassis
  • spacious seat - also good for napping
  • lay-flat seat
  • price
  • extendable hood provides good protection
  • large - bulky in the car boot (not much space left)

A great price-performance ratio. We had the Luca 2018. The carrycot was perfect. It would certainly last at least 6 months, but my DS didn't want to be in it. The seat unit is OK, but to fold it and travel with it is quite tricky. Maybe I had a faulty one, but our canopy didn't stay in place - the wind was making it fall down, so we had to tighten the joints from time to time. In spite of that, if I was to choose again, I'd buy it again 😉

  • Large carrycot
  • Sturdy frame
  • Rocking is possible
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Everything is closable by a magnet (silent)

An excellent stroller system for a nice price.

Overall, I rate it very high


This stroller system was great! No disadvantages to the carrycot part. Even though my "little" one would use even a bigger one; however, it lasted us 5 months. The seat unit part was really spacious, but for me (I am quite tall) was a tad too low on the chassis. I barely could get into the shopping basket while using it. That's why the Luca lost a point for me. Anyway, we got over any terrain - so overall, I rate it very high!

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