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  • Strong.
  • Good wheels.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.
  • Basket could've been deeper.

I bought the Bebetto Fabio for my first born and it's still going strong 10 years later. It's still like brand new. I wouldn't change it for anything else as I've used it for all 3 of my children. I now use it for my 1 year old.

It's very strong, good wheels for all terrain. Easy to manoeuvre. My 8 year old sometimes stands on the basket, sits on the bar that goes across or lays underneath on the basket and you can't even feel the weight, still light. What you expect from a pram. Easy to clean. If they still sold this design I'd definitely recommend it.

  • Beautiful
  • Large carrycot
  • Large wheels, good for the winter season
  • Not very compact - it's not easy to fold it and load into our car boot (true, though, that our boot is not very big)
  • Front wheels don't swivel, so the manipulation was not so smooth
  • Rust problems - but I think we finally solved those

Very beautiful - especially when the carrycot is on. It passed well through snow, and it was easy to swap between the seat unit, carrycot, and car seat.

We had a problem with the wheels since the beginning - they got rusty very quickly, and three different ones fell apart (while the warranty was still on, luckily). Although they did not acknowledge their fault, they replaced the wheels. The new ones, however, did not get those problems anymore, so maybe it was a problem from the start of this model's production.

We used it for three years (with both of my children) - each only used it for one and a half years, after which they didn't need any stroller anymore.

The functions are godo for thew price


The functions are godo for thew price. I just don't like the plastic parts, they can get noisy if not oiled often. Don't expect too much fot the price, and you'll be glad with what you have.

  • Large wheels
  • Spacious carrycot
  • A lot of accessories
  • Worse maneuverability with the seat unit (also because the child was already more heavy)
  • The non-swivel wheels make the handling more difficult

I only used the carrycot. Its very spacious and comfortable for the baby. Large wheels are perfect for snow and other bad conditions. The grandma appreciated the rocking chassis very much.

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