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I just had to have it too

  • Huge seat unit, brilliant for older/taller children
  • Rain cover has good coverage
  • Amazing extendable hood
  • Swing out bumper bar so easy to get little one in and out
  • Good sized basket
  • Gravity fold
  • Folds up really compact and is fairly lightweight
  • Handle bar isn't adjustable
  • Seat doesn't have much padding

My friend got this stroller for her little girl and I just had to have it too! The seat is huge, the hood is huge, the raincover has amazing coverage, basket is a good size and the gravity fold is super cool! Absolutely love it!

  • Lightweight
  • Huge seat
  • Easy to fold
  • High weight limit
  • Multiple hood levels
  • Comes with raincover
  • Suspension
  • Big basket
  • Gravity fold can be temperamental
  • Brake is difficult to take off when wearing fit flops
  • The footrest seems to sit too close to the calf rest

My daughter is 4.5years old and has mobility issues. We have a disability buggy but it’s so big and bulky so we purchased this for her because of the huge seat and higher weight limit. The seat is so big she has plenty of room on either side and the hood is still also on its lowest setting. So pleased we found this buggy!

An absolutely clear choice for us


We love it. We had the Oyster Zero with our first, now got the Gravity for the second. The price even didn't get up! An absolutely clear choice for us. 😍

  • light
  • spacious even for a cosytoes
  • super foldable
  • easy to turn or pop up a kerb
  • loving the hood
  • travel system ready
  • non-adjustable parent handle
  • footboard kind of weak

As a lightweight pushchair that will last, I absolutely recommend it. It's a great help when you live on the 2nd floor with no elevator. Also, it's really practical. I watched the pushchair expert video ad it seemed overly positive but the pushchair is really nice!

I have two niggles, though - for my tall hubby, I'd prolong/make the handlebar adjustable. Second, I don't like how the footboard (legrest?) is kind of "weak", it feels like over time it might not hold. But that might just be a feeling.

A fantastic value, mainly for a second-time momma

  • a super roomy seat
  • the fold does the job for you
  • INCREDIBLE canopy size
  • high weight capacity
  • nice storage space with a pocked in the back
  • fantastic steering
  • smaller carrycot
  • the leg rest could be sturdier

A fantastic, incredibly roomy buggy. I LOVE how I can fit my older 4yo inside as well, with room on the sides to spare. The high-up bassinet is also a huge asset - not to have to be folding over too much. I would only make the bassinet longer inside... But overall a fantastic value, mainly for a second-time momma.

A very good buggy for a one-year-old

  • Weight
  • Self-folding
  • Canopy size
  • Seat space
  • Lie-flat position
  • Ease of use
  • Easy driving
  • Folds outwards
  • Not for heavy terrain

A very good buggy for a one-year-old. I can heartily recommend it.

I really like the shock-absorbing but I am kind of way of those front wheels - they do feel a bit too noisy on cobblestones and such.

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